Best Exercises To Get Bigger Biceps - Tips and Tricks

Best Exercises to Get Bigger Biceps – Tips and Tricks

Want those bulky and bigger biceps? But don’t know how to get there? No worries. We’ve got you. Growing bigger biceps is quite common nowadays. Several exercises and dietary supplements are suggested to achieve your dream of bigger biceps. Though the trick is to keep adding variations to the exercises, and not to keep doing similar exercises over and over again. It’s all about pushing your biceps to their limits. 

There are many exercises that you can start doing to get bigger and better muscles.

1. Diamond Push-Ups

This exercise is good for your biceps and triceps and is quite challenging and effective. Set yourself on the exercise mat with your hands rightly placed on the mat under your chest. As the name suggests, the hands should be aligned in a diamond shape- for that spread your fingers and touch your thumbs and index fingers. Now keep your back flat, hips up and arms tucked close to the body. The goal is to touch the ground with the chest or chin. Return to starting position and perform 4 sets of this exercise with 20 repeats, daily. Push-ups can work out as a warm-up exercise for bicep trainers. Now you can move on to an intense workout, targeting your brachialis muscles.

2. Hammer Curl Bar

Start with forming a firm position of your body with your feet being positioned shoulder-width apart. Hold barbells with both hands and keep your arms straight and slowly curl the barbells towards your chest. Take rest between each set and perform 2 sets in one sitting. Along with time, try increasing the weight of the barbells.

3. Incline Dumbbell Curls

Find a workout chair and settle yourself on it with your body inclined at a 45-degree angle. Your feet must be touching the ground and your arms holding dumbbells should be extended at your sides. Curl one hand at a time and then the other, alternatively. Keep curling until the dumbbell touches your shoulder and then go back to starting position to perform repeats of the sets.

4. Concentration Curls

Start with the basics and settle your body in an ideal condition. Sit on an exercise bench and put your feet on the ground. Bend your body at an angle where your right elbow touches your right knee when you extend your arms. Now curl the dumbbell towards your body (specifically chest), without moving your elbow. Use both hands alternatively, while the other hand can be used for supporting the stable body position. Perform 2 sets of this exercise with 6-10 repeats per week. After some time, try increasing the number of sets.

5. Chin-Ups

As you keep moving forward with your exercises, the level of training will get difficult and high. But by this time, your muscles would’ve gained enormous strength to carry out such difficult exercises.

For chin-ups, hold a chin-up bar that you can find in a gym or can buy on your own with your hands (palms should be facing you); cross your feet with each other and start lifting your body until your chin gets high then your hands on the bar. Gradually move back to the initial position and repeat the sets. To add more intensity to the exercise, you can try putting on extra weight belts on your body.

Tips and Tricks

Along with these exercises, keep following

  • Healthy eating habits
  • Follow an exercise routine
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Lose overall body fat
  • Add protein shakes and pre-workout supplements to your diet
  • Don’t exhaust yourself
  • Only work with weights that works for you
  • Avoid injury


Growing biceps is tricky if you keep following a mundane exercise routine with less focus on your dietary habits. You must keep adding variations to your exercises so that all of your arms muscles get toned up and gain mass. Adding supplements to your exercise routine can also help in the growth of bulky biceps. Just be careful with your weight choices; do not strain yourself and avoid getting injuries.


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