30 Reasons - Why can’t I lose weight

30 Reasons – Why can’t I lose weight?

Contrary to the popular misconception that people try to lose weight only to look beautiful, basically, there are numerous other reasons which compel someone to shed some pounds. But, as it’s human nature we find it hard to be consistent about any specific diet routine or workout. As a result, we fail to lose weight and slip into depression. But hey, don’t worry, we’ve got you. In this article, we are going to tell you 30 reasons which might be stopping you from losing weight. Let’s go.

30 Reasons – Why Can’t I Lose Weight

Following are some of the common reasons which might help you know where you’ve been doing it wrong in the weight loss journey.

1: Eating less, but still eating unhealthy food items like junk food which only increases the number of calories consumed.

2: You are not taking enough sleep required by your body to heal, repair, grow and go through the process of calorie burn.

3: You are not drinking enough water. Less water means more hunger and more hunger leads to higher cravings for unhealthy food.

4: You eat less, but eat out too often. Eventually, you lose count of the number of calories consumed a day.

5: You are not keeping a check on your progress. Leaving your body to itself to lose some weight is not an ideal thing to do. Keeping a check and pushing yourself to do more and better is the ultimate goal.

6: You might not be eating enough protein. Protein is essential for building more muscles which leave no space for any extra fat.

7: You are eating mindlessly without counting the number of calories. The thumb rule of losing weight is to keep the number of calories consumed low than the number of calories you burn via physical activity. If you are not keeping a check on it, you are in a problem.

8: You are missing out on whole foods, which are super important to keep you full and provide you with proper nutrition.

9: Your genetics might not be working in your favor as genetics play a key role in gaining or losing weight.

10: You might be old enough to lose muscle. Less muscle means more space for fat accumulation.

11: You might be taking medicines that are causing you bloating or weight gain.

12: You might be overestimating your muscle mass by working out intensely and eating more just focusing on building muscles. But keep in mind, the muscles alone won’t be helpful if you won’t burn fat.

13: You might be munching more on animal-based proteins, but plant-based proteins are more helpful while losing weight.

14: You could be losing focus or maybe getting disheartened due to little progress in a long time. But remember, weight loss takes time.

15: You could be eating too many healthy foods, which are equally harmful because you are eventually consuming loads of calories.

16: You might not be putting much effort into your cardio which is necessary for burning fat.

17: You might be skipping meals but could be drinking sugary beverages every now and then which is a major cause behind weight gain.

18: You have zero to little physical activity because either you are too lazy or you are doing a desk job.

19: You could be drinking way too much alcohol.

20: You could have any medical condition that’s making it tougher for you to lose weight like hypothyroidism or PCOS.

21: You could be stressed or depressed. Depression kills motivation and pushes you to eat unhealthy foods.

22: You might not be aware of it but you could be addicted to some foods which you find hard to stop eating.

23: You are dieting but not eating right.

24: You are not performing enough physical activity.

25: You might be consuming healthy fats but just too much of them-eventually gaining weight rather than losing.

26: You are not eating at a scheduled time.

27: You reward yourself after a workout with your favorite food which is the silliest thing to do.

28: You could be over-exercising cousin inflammation in your body.

29: You might still not be cutting back on carbs which is the most important step in the weight loss journey.

30: You might have set unrealistic expectations for yourself and your body.

The Final Word

You might not be losing weight because you are eating too often, not exercising well, or might not be having healthier and balanced meals. Whatever the reason is, just remember to eat healthily but in small portions and stay consistent to see the results.


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