How Much Membership At Planet Fitness

How Much Membership at Planet Fitness

One of the quality yet cheap fitness services is provided by Planet Fitness, that’s what has been making it one of the most popular and affordable fitness club chains in the US. If you are thinking about becoming fit and to do so you are willing to become a gym member too, then you need to buy a gym membership. And how much does that cost? Let’s take a look at its membership plans.

How Much is Membership at a Planet Fitness?

As it is considered one of the most affordable gyms for every tier of people, it offers membership plans for everyone. If you need to work out alone, there is a plan for you. If you want to work out with a partner for a long time without going bankrupt, then there is a cheap plan for you as well. And if you want to enjoy all the lavish fitness club services without spending a fortune, then definitely Planet Fitness has something for you. Here we will mention the prices of each membership plan, so it gets easy for you to choose from.

1. Classic Membership

A classic membership plan of Planet Fitness costs $10 only. It comes with a 12-month commitment plan and has an annual fee of $39, which goes to gym maintenance. With this membership, you get unlimited access to your home club, completely free fitness training, and free wifi.

2. Black Card Membership

The most popular membership plan of Planet Fitness is the Black Card membership plan which costs $24.99. It has a startup fee of $1 with no commitment for a number of months. It also has an annual fee of $39. Its perks include unlimited access to a home club, free fitness training, free wifi, and use of any Planet Fitness club worldwide.

Other than that, its luxury perks include bringing a guest anytime, use of tanning beds, hydromassage beds, massage chairs, and a total body enhancement machine. With this membership, members can enjoy 50% off on selected sports drinks and 20% off on Rebook items.

Does Planet Fitness Offer Any Free Passes?

Unfortunately, No. Planet Fitness does not offer any free passes to check out the gym. However, it does allow its black card members to bring a guest a day. So, if you want to take a look at Planet Fitness’ gym or want to experience the workout environment there, you can always tag along with your buddy who is a black card member. And if you feel satisfied, you can buy a membership for yourself.

Is it Worth it?

A tanning bed, hydromassage, use of a total body enhancement machine, bringing guests anytime- all these luxury services and that too only for $24.99 is definitely worth it. You won’t get all these services at this price anywhere else. Even if you don’t choose the black card membership, you can still enjoy fitness training and pretty good gym equipment for $10, which is a good deal. And if you don’t like it, you won’t be wasting too much money and there is always an option to cancel.


The price of a Planet Fitness membership is affordable and does offer a number of perks in minimal amounts. You can choose from classic membership which costs $10 and a black card membership costing $24.99. Now it’s all up to you to choose the program that suits you and your fitness needs.


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