Can we drink milk after eating fish

Can We Drink Milk After Eating Fish?

We often hear people and our elders saying that do not drink milk after eating fish as it will cause toxicity in our bodies. Fish and milk consumption together has always been related to resulting in pigmentation and patches on the skin. What is this condition? Is this true that drinking milk after fish is harmful or is it just a myth? Read this article to find out about this condition and if we can drink milk after eating fish or not.

What Is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo also known as phulbheri, is an autoimmune skin condition that causes pale, whitish patches on the skin as it loses its color. The reason behind vitiligo is the lack of the skin pigment melanin. It can affect all parts of the body but it mostly appears on the skin of the face, neck, and hands. 

In vitiligo, the body attacks and destroys its own melanocytes. Melanocytes are skin cells that produce melanin, responsible for skin pigmentation. As a result of insufficient melanocytes, the skin is unable to produce enough melanin which in result does not give enough pigment to your skin resulting in whitish spots on the skin.

Now, let’s burst the myth if drinking milk after fish causes vitiligo or not and whether can we drink milk after eating fish. 

Can We Drink Milk After Eating Fish?

Yes, we can. There is no scientific logic behind that drinking milk after fish causes vitiligo or harmful effects on our bodies. This is just a myth that is not backed by any scientific knowledge and research.  

You should avoid consuming milk after eating fish if you have lactose intolerance or if you are allergic to the consumption of fish. In both cases, you should not eat both things separately as well. The science-backed explanation is that you will only get a skin rash if you eat fish that is not cooked properly or if you consume milk when you are lactose intolerant. There is no other reason you will get any side effects from drinking milk after eating fish.

Is It Safe To Drink Milk After Having Fish?

Yes, it is safe. There is no known reaction or side effects of consuming milk after eating fish. All things related to vitiligo and milk consumption after eating fish are just a myth. The Mediterranean diets are very common these days and they are considered to be very healthy for the body. These diets include a combo of fish, milk, or yogurt in addition to some cereals, nuts, and seeds which adds to the answer that milk and fish together are safe to consume. 

Let’s see what ayurveda says about it. 

What Does Ayurveda Say About Milk And Fish?

If you consider Ayurveda, you’ll get to know that consuming milk after fish is harmful. According to Ayurveda, you should not drink milk after eating fish. Milk being an animal product is still considered a vegetarian product while fish is a non-vegetarian food. This kind of food combination according to ayurveda is not suitable. Consuming them together causes some chemical changes in the body that causes a condition called leucoderma, skin pigmentation. The reason for this is that milk offers a cooling effect while fish offers a heating effect on the body. Both these should not be consumed together as per ayurveda, but scientific research does not support this theory. 


You can drink milk after eating fish. There is no scientific backing that drinking milk after fish has harmful effects on your body or that it causes vitiligo. Some Mediterranean diets are considered really healthy and they include this combination of fish and milk along with other healthy foods. In terms of Ayurveda, fish, and milk together causes leucoderma and cause chemical changes in the body but this theory is not supported by scientific research. 


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