How Many Calories Do 30 Minutes Of Yoga Burn

How Many Calories Do 30 Minutes Of Yoga Burn

Who doesn’t like keeping their mind and body healthy, at a time? Yoga is one such exercise that can keep both your mind and body content. It improves your muscular strength, flexibility, motion, and mindfulness. But can it be something that could help in weight loss as well? If yes, then how many calories would a 30-minute session of yoga burn? Let’s find out:

Can Yoga Help In Weight Loss? How?

YES! Yoga can help you lose weight. But isn’t it supposed to be a relaxing and flexible exercise? How can it help lose weight? For starters, there are certain kinds of yogas that need you to practice difficult poses which require more movement, eventually calorie burn. Another interesting factor is mindfulness. People who practice yoga are known to have more self-control and calm nerves which make them less prone to stress-eating or unhealthy munching. They also try to consume their meals on time, which keeps them healthy.

How Many Calories Do One Session Of Yoga Burn?

There is no definite number of caloric burns in a yoga session. It’s because it varies because it depends on a number of factors. A general idea is that an average-weight person can burn around 180-450 calories in a single session. But the amount of calorie burn gets affected due to:

  • The style of yoga being performed
  • Level of intensity
  • The length of yoga class
  • The pace of yoga class (slow or fast)
  • Age, weight, height, metabolism, and genetics of a person

How Many Calories Do 30 Minutes Of Yoga Burn?

A yoga session generally lasts for an hour, but there are short sessions as well which last for 30 minutes. People tending to join 30-minute sessions are usually the ones who like to perform a variety of yoga in a single day. A 30-minute session of yoga can roughly burn 150-300 calories based on the factors mentioned above.

The amount of caloric burn varies according to yoga style and a person’s weight the most. If yoga is to be combined with other physical activities, it can burn more calories. Let’s take a look at the most popular yoga style and the number of calories they help burn in a single session.

1: Bikram Yoga

It is the most popular kind of Hot Yoga. It is practiced in a closed space where the conditions are set to maximize sweating like temperature is set to 105℉ and humidity is set to 40%. One has to perform 26 poses under these conditions. The sauna-like environment while performing poses that require you to balance out yourself and engage whole body muscles gets more challenging. This will help you burn around 110-150 calories in a 30-minute session.

2: Vinyasa Yoga

Coordinating your yoga poses with your breathing can be a daunting task. It is also a kind of hot yoga but its conditions are not that warm. You need to perform bodyweight poses while balancing your motion. While you manage to do so for 30 minutes, you’ll be burning 260 calories

3: Hatha Yoga

Although it’s slow-paced yoga, in which you need to perform yoga poses in slow sequence while maintaining your breath, it can still burn a considerable amount of calories. The 30-minute session of this type of yoga will help you burn less or more than 150 calories.

4: Restorative Yoga

It does not involve any challenging poses but just needs you to lie down and chill. You just meditate by resting in long and comfy poses. Doing even that will also burn a few calories for you, around 34 calories for a 30-minute session.

Which Yoga Burns The Most Calories?

While almost all sorts of yoga can burn calories to some extent; if you are looking to burn more calories in a session of yoga, then Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga shall be your choice. This kind of yoga is known to burn a maximum number of calories in a single session because of its intensity level. These yoga styles require the engagement of whole body muscles while performing challenging sequences, which eventually help in burning lots of calories.


If you are a dedicated follower of yoga and want to lose weight, you’ll be happy to know that yoga can surely help you burn some calories. But if you look at the number of calories burned, it’s not much. So, it’s a better idea to combine your yoga style with other physical activities so you can burn more calories in a single day and can achieve your weight loss goals.


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