How to improve grip strength - 10 Exercises

How to improve grip strength – 10 Exercises

To measure the upper body strength, a muscular strength observed by the forearm’s muscle is calculated which is known as Grip Strength. This grip strength is important to perform day-to-day activities. Another important role is during the exercises. People who hit the gym regularly and try to perform multiple high-intensity workouts like weightlifting etc should have a good grip strength to handle the weight. In this article, we will tell you how to enhance your grip strength of yours.

How To Improve Grip Strength?

Good grip strength is not only important for holding weights but is also important to keep you fit, to help you lose body fat, and to keep you healthy by helping you do your favorite exercises. Improved grip strength means your muscles and joints will be more flexible to perform various workouts. The grip strength can be improved by adding a variety of exercises to your daily or weekly workout routine.

10 Exercises To Improve Grip Strength

Let us tell you the top 10 exercises which will improve your grip strength.

1: Wrist Curls

Stronger wrists mean stronger arms. Stronger wrists help you hold more weight that’s why performing wrist curls to improve the grip strength is an ideal thing to do. To do this exercise, find a stable surface like a bench and sit on it and lean forward while holding barbells in both hands. Keep your forearms in a resting position on your thighs and start curling your wrists.

2: Farmer’s Carry

For this exercise, you just carry something heavy like a farmer and walk some distance. It will help you improve the grip for everyday tasks and will stabilize your motion as well.

3: Dead Hang

Hanging through a bar will help you work out your fingers, wrists, and forearms muscles. Simply hold the pull-up bar and hang with it with your arms fully extended while keeping your core tight. Stay in this position for as less as 30 sec or more and then repeat it.

4: Rack Pull

It will not only improve your grip strength but will also let you perform a range of exercises. Pick the bar and take it to your chest level. In this position, while engaging your muscles and keeping your back straight, hold yourself for 30 seconds.

5: Plate Pinch

It will improve your finger and thumb strength. This kind of exercise is important for climbers, football players, and wrestlers. Just stand up with a straight body and hold a weight in your hand. You need to keep your fingers straight on one side and need to place your thumb on the other side to hold the weight. Press the plate weights against eachother. Repeat it for 3 sets.

6: Hand Grippers

Such a cheap exercise to do any time of the day to improve grip strength. You just need to grab the hand gripper inside your palm and start squeezing it by folding your fingers over it. Start squeezing the hand gripper for 4-5 sets with around 10 repeats. Repeat the exercise after some time.

7: Towel Pull-Ups

Towel pull-ups are cheap and easy to do but great in increasing grip strength. Simply take two towels and drape them around the pull-up bar. Grip both ends of towels with your hands and pull your body upwards. Start performing pull-ups but do keep in mind that it will be hard to do many repeats.

8: Deadlift With Hold

To stimulate the strength stimulus, you can try deadlifting with a hold at the top. Start by doing normal deadlifts as you do, but the trick is to stop near the floor while holding the bars, before returning it to the floor quickly. Hold yourself in that position for around 15-30 seconds.

9: Rubber-Band Exercises

These are so handy and easy exercises that can be performed anywhere, any time of the day. Simply wrap a rubber band or any other stretchable band around your fingers while keeping your fingers and thumb together. Now, slowly extend your all fingers until your hand is completely open. Then return back to the pinch position and repeat this 20-30 times.

10: Hex Holds

If you have got hex-style dumbbells, you can use them to improve your grip. It is the simplest exercise, as you simply need to hold the head of the dumbbell for 30 seconds and perform a couple of sets of this exercise.

The Final Word

Improved grip strength can be achieved by performing wrist curls, deadlifts, hex holds, framer’s carry, dead hang, and many other exercises. All these exercises contribute to not only improving the grip strength but also to better health by increasing the grip for various exercises.


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