Why Did Planet Fitness Charge Me $40

Why Did Planet Fitness Charge Me $40

“What? Planet Fitness charged me $40. But why? I’ve already paid my monthly subscription fee. What are these charges for?“ Did you wake up asking yourself such questions? The good news is, that you are not alone and the other good news is that these charges are totally fair and have not been deducted as any hidden charges at all. Want to know why did they charge you? Keep reading.

What Is Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is a franchise of fitness clubs all over the USA. It offers plenty of quality services at a minimal price. For all these services they have different subscription plans that one can avail of. All the plans include the use of all the equipment in the gym. The difference comes in the plans based on the amenities and services provided such as hydromassage, tanning beds, spa, and swimming pool.

What Is Their Monthly Subscription Fee?

While Planet Fitness offers many plans, their basic plan starts at $10 per month, with an annual fee of $39. They also offer a standard plan in which you can sign up with just $1, and can later opt for a $10 per month plan. But whatever plan you choose, the annual fee of $39 remains unchanged.

Why Did Planet Fitness Charge Me $40?

The unexpected fee that you get charged after a few months of your subscription is an annual fee of $39-$40. This fee actually goes towards the maintenance of the gym, buying new equipment, repairing the old ones, and overall keeping the environment of the club clean and better. This annual fee is mentioned in the membership contract, which everyone needs to consent to in order to get the membership of Planet Fitness. The annual fee is usually deducted mid-way through your membership.

Will I Have To Pay $40 Even After Canceling The Subscription?

No. You will not be asked or need to pay the mentioned annual fee if you’ve canceled the subscription to Planet Fitness. If Planet Fitness is still charging you an annual fee even after the cancellation of your membership, you can put up a request at Planet Fitness, stating your case. You’ll get the refund and will not face this issue in the future again.


Sometimes we forget about these side payments like the annual fee of the gym and think that the gym has made a mistake. In most cases, Planet Fitness will never charge you unless you have signed up for that service. But sometimes there could be mistakes at their end as well, and if you have proof to claim otherwise; you can claim your full refund and can stop paying $40 every month.


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