Protein-rich foods for the gym

Protein-Rich Foods For the Gym

Going to the gym only does not helps you build muscle, but eating a proper protein-rich diet is also important to support muscle building, strengthening, and providing the energy they lose during the workout. The protein-rich foods are also good for weight loss and keep your stomach full for a longer time. Let’s have a look at what foods are considered protein-rich that you should eat for the gym.

Protein-Rich Foods For The Gym

Important protein-rich foods for the gym are listed below.

1- Eggs

They are good quality protein. 1 large egg contains 6g of protein. You cat have them in boiled or poached forms. The amino acid leucine present in eggs helps in muscle gain. They also contain other important amino acids and nutrients including choline, B vitamins, and vitamin D.  

2- Cottage Cheese

All dairy items are good sources of whey protein. Cottage cheese also has essential muscle-building amino acids like leucine. 1/2 cup of cottage cheese contains about 28g of protein. It also contains vitamins B12 and B2, calcium, and phosphorus. 

3- Chicken Breast

They have high-quality protein and are important to gain muscle. A 3 oz chicken breast has 26 g of protein. They also contain B vitamins like B3 and B6 which are essential for muscle gain and help out the body during physical activity. 

4- Soy Protein Powder

It is a good protein-rich option for the gym. 1 scoop of soy protein powder contains 25 g of protein. If someone wants a plant-based protein-rich food to consume for the gym, then soy protein powder is a great addition to boost the intake. 

5- Lean Beef

Lean beef is a good source of high-quality protein. 4 oz of lean beef has 23 g of protein. If you want to gain muscle mass, it is important to consume lean beef that helps you with gaining muscle without giving you extra calories. 

6- Tuna 

Tuna is packed with proteins, vitamin A, and some B vitamins like B3, B12, and B6 that improve overall health and exercise workout performance. A 3 oz tuna contains 20 g of proteins. 

7- Salmon

Fish is a great protein-rich food choice for a workout in the gym. It improves overall health and helps in muscle building. A serving of 3 oz of salmon contains 17 g of protein

8- Edamame 

These are immature soybeans and 1 cup serving of frozen edamame beans (155g) has 18 g of protein.

9- Whey Protein Powder

This protein powder isolate is a great source of protein and contains 16 g of protein per scoop. It can be consumed either in shakes or drinks.

10- Greek yogurt

It contains about double the protein of regular yogurt. A 6 oz of Greek yogurt contains 15-20 g of protein

11- Milk

Milk is a mixture of protein, carbs, and fats. It has both casein and whey proteins and a serving of 8 oz skimmed milk has 8 g of protein.

12- Quinoa

Quinoa seeds have whole protein containing 9 essential amino acids. A serving of 1 cup of quinoa contains 8 g of protein. These amino acids help in muscle building. They are also high in nutrients like magnesium, iron, and zinc.

13- Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are filled with protein, carbs, and fiber. The good thing is that kidney beans contain protein equal to meat but without extra calories and fats. The serving of 100 g kidney beans contains 24 g of protein in them. 

14- Soybeans

Soybeans are also protein rich and 1/2 cup of soybeans contains 16 g of protein. They have some healthy fats, vitamins like vitamin K, iron, and phosphorus. Iron is involved in the storage and transportation of oxygen to the body.

15- Chickpeas

Chickpeas are good for protein, carbs, and fiber. A serving of 1 cup of chickpeas has 15 g of protein. It does not matches the quality of animal protein but is still a good option for muscle gain during gym workout sessions.

16- Walnuts

They are a good source of protein, good fats, and vitamin E. A serving of 1 cup of walnuts contains 15 g of proteins.

17- Tofu

Tofu is a good protein source and is produced from soymilk. Soy protein is high-quality protein. A 1/2 cup of tofu has 10 g of protein. It is also a good source of calcium which is important for muscle functioning.

18- Lentils

Lentils are a suitable option for protein-rich food with carbs and fiber along with vitamins and minerals. A serving of 1/2 cup of lentils has 9 g of protein.

19- Peanut Butter

Nutty peanut butter is always good for protein intake. Along with protein, it is rich in healthy fats and has a good taste as well. A serving of 2 tbsp of peanut butter contains 8 g of protein. 

20- Peanuts

The most consumed peanuts are packed with protein. 1 serving (1oz) of peanuts has 7g of protein. They also have carbs, fats, and vitamins like vitamins B and E. You can also have peanuts in the form of peanut butter. The amino acid leucine is also present in peanuts which helps in muscle-building. They should be consumed in moderate amounts due to their high-calorie content. 

21- Almonds

They are also protein-filled food sources you can have for a workout in a gym. 1 oz contains 6 g of protein. They also have vitamin E, phosphorus, and magnesium present in them. They should be consumed in moderate amounts due to their high-calorie content. 

22- Buckwheat

Buckwheat’s flour can be used for a notable amount of protein. It also contains carbs and fiber. 1 cup serving of buckwheat has 6 g of protein. It also has essential vitamins like B vitamins and some minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus


There are many protein-rich foods for the gym that helps you attain lean muscle. These protein-rich foods are also important for weight loss, strengthening, and giving your muscles the energy they lose during the workout. Some protein-rich foods for the gym are lean meat, dairy, eggs, fish like salmon and tuna, protein powders, kidney beans, lentils, some seeds, and dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, peanuts, and peanut butter.


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