Chicken Only Diet - Is it Good for Weight Loss

Chicken Only Diet – Is it Good for Weight Loss?

Weight loss craziness has taken over the internet and people have been following several diets blindly, without looking at their possible drawbacks. Chicken diet is one of them. It gained popularity as soon as its name was associated with “weight loss”. While chicken offers a huge source of protein, it still is not a complete meal. That’s why the question arises, is it worth it? Here we will see if it’s worth a shot or not.

What is a chicken diet?

A kind of mono dieting, in which people consume chicken (usually chicken breast) only as their only meal in the hope of losing weight. The idea was inspired by an actor in 1996. The idea gained popularity as it did help people lose a lot of weight. But the problem stands out; as it causes nutrition deficiency and other serious health issues.

Although there is no specific plan to follow this diet for a certain time. People usually follow this diet for 2 weeks and decide to quit or continue based on their results.

Does it help in weight loss?

Yes! It does. But the maths is simple. If you are only eating protein and keeping your body undernourished, you’ll most likely lose weight. Not eating will eventually lead the fats deposited in your body to burn to fulfill the energy needs of the body. It is a short term solution to your weight loss, which results will fade away as soon as you’ll stop following the diet. Following a more sustainable and long term diet which does not deprive you of your essential macronutrients is the wisest way to lose weight.

Benefits of a chicken diet

As chicken does have some nutritional value, it provides some health benefits:

  • It is a great source of protein
  • It has less saturated fat, making it heart friendly
  • Helps in maintaining healthy weight by producing lean muscles
  • Provides essential vitamins like B12
  • Easy to cook and follow
  • Offer variety of recipes

Drawbacks of chicken diet

The mono diets usually end up causing more trouble. So is the case with chicken diets. It has some potential drawbacks which cannot be ignored:

  • It causes nutrient deficiencies in our body
  • Makes you feel lethargic, out of focus
  • It’s not a sustainable diet due to monotony
  • It takes away your energy
  • It can cause constipation and bloating
  • Missing out on essential nutrients can result in deterioration of bone health and other organs
  • Increase unhealthy cravings

Is it worth it?

No. It’s not. Given the health issues it can cause, it’s not worth it to have chicken only for a long period of time. If you want to change your food routine by trying something new, you can try having this diet, but only coupled with foods having carbs and healthy fats. There are many other healthy ways to lose weight which will not let you lose the essence of your body.


Chicken is one of the most consumed and savoured foods in the world. And there is no argument that it fulfills the nutritional needs of protein that our body requires. However, having chicken alone does not run your body properly. Surviving only on chicken in the hope of weight loss can cost you your health. And we don’t think it’s a profitable deal. Instead of that, try having balanced meals which are low in calories and add workout routine-you’ll lose your weight only, not your health.


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