How to do the perfect dip exercise?

How to do the perfect dip exercise?

You must have seen people doing dip exercises, and must have wondered if they are doing it right or not. As it is crucial to do the dip exercise in the proper form to avoid any injury and enjoy the benefits. In this writing, we will tell you how you can perform your dips in a proper manner that too with various variations. Let’s begin.

What Is A Dip Exercise?

An upper body exercise, in which you need dip bars usually present in the gyms to perform the dips. These bars are placed in a parallel position so you can pull up on them while working out your arms, chest, shoulders, and abs. As it engages most of the muscles, it is a compound and bodyweight exercise that offers lots of benefits.

How To Do The Perfect Dip?

A dip with a proper form can be performed by following these steps.

1: Stand straight and hold the parallel bars in front of you. Jump up and make sure to straighten your arms.

2: While leaning forward, slowly lower down your body with the help of your arms (by bending them).

3: Keep doing the dip in the down position until you see that your shoulders are below your elbows.

4: Start lifting your body slowly by straightening your arms again.

5: Now when you reach the top, lock your elbows there.

Variations In Dips

Many people struggle to improve their dips. This can be done by adding variation to your dip exercise. Here we are enlisting some top variations which can be a game changer for you.

1: Bench Dips

To perform bench dips, the steps are mentioned below.

1: While standing in front of a bench, place yourself in the bent position and hold the bench with your hands at the back.

2: Now, tighten your muscles and slowly start lowering down your body with the help of a bench.

3:  While doing this, you need to make sure that your body is not bending and that your back and head are straight.

4: Stay in this dipped position for a maximum of 2 seconds, and then push yourself back up.

5: Repeat the above steps by moving yourself up and down.

2: Parallel Bars Tricep Dips

Parallel bars can be used for the tricep dips and here’s how.

1: Stand in front of the parallel bars and get into the position in a way that you hold the parallel bars with an overhand grip.

2: Start lowering yourself while making a 90-degree angle with your arms.

3: Slowly push yourself back to the take-off position.

4: To perform multiple sets, keep pushing yourself up and down.

5: To engage your chest muscles and perform a chest dip, you need to lean forward on the parallel bars and perform the dip.

3: Assisted Dips

Let us tell you how to do assisted dips.

1: Start by setting the resistance of the assisted dip machine to your desired level.

2: Now, settle yourself on the machine while kneeling on the assisted bar.

3: Hold the handles on both sides and put pressure on your forearms to lower down your body.

4: Now, bring yourself back to the take-off position.

5: To complete the set, at least perform 8-10 repeats.

The Final Word

A perfect dip can be done by keeping your body straight while pulling yourself up and down on the parallel bars. To add more resistance to your dips, you can always perform variations of the dips, as it’s a great exercise to work on the strength of the arms, shoulders, back and lower body muscles.


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