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What Does It Mean to Be Healthy: Actual Meaning of Health

Being healthy can be the greatest asset you can ever have, but what does it mean to be truly healthy? The question may seem easy, but the answer has the potential to perplex the human mind.

The level of importance of health varies among people. For some individuals, health is just not being sick, while it is much more than just being sick. Health is influenced by a network of several aspects of well-being which work simultaneously. 

The pyramid of health is comprised of physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. Although attaining perfect health can be an unrealistic goal, we can always give it a try to be healthy in all its different forms. 

Indeed, numerous factors beyond your control can directly impact your health. However, there always exists an alternate aspect to the situation. There are still plenty of things that you can use to be perfectly healthy, and that is where you can take control. In this comprehensive guide, we will see what it means to be healthy and what is the actual meaning of health.

Different Dimensions of Health

As stated earlier, health is comprised of different factors of well-being. 

Being physically healthy allows you to get away from sickness and gives you the energy you need to function properly, while mental health is the prime force that drives your will to function. 

Apart from this, Social health also has an important role responsible for the sense of belonging. There are some other aspects of well-being as well, which will be elaborated later in this guide. All these factors are the building blocks that combine to form a very strong foundation of health. If a person achieves to keep balance in his mind, body, and soul, he will be able to open the gates of prosperity for him. 

Let’s delve deep and get to know in detail about these aspects of well-being.

1: Physical Health

Experiencing physical well-being is among life’s greatest joys! It brings so much contentment and peace into our lives, making us feel vibrant and energetic. However, achieving and maintaining it demands your utmost attention and care. If you leave your body on its own, it will start degenerating slowly and gradually. If you are persistent in being healthy and ready to take care of your body, you can save yourself from a lot of calamities. 

Thinking about how you can take good care of your physical health? Don’t worry; we have got you covered! 

Proper Nutrition: It starts with proper nutrition, as it is the fuel that drives your body properly. Proper and optimal nutrition can generate energy in your body, and it happens to be one of the most important factors for being physically healthy.

Physical Activity: Physical activities include regular exercise, getting yourself involved in sports, and just not living a sedentary lifestyle. When your muscles are consistently active and doing their work, they are at their best state, but on the other hand, if we stop moving our muscles, they will gradually weaken due to under activity. 

Taking Rest: Your body needs a sufficient amount of rest because it works the entire day, and you cannot afford to get yourself tired for a long time. You need to stop overworking, as it will disturb your physical well-being, and then take rest properly.

2: Mental Well-being

Mental health is a driving force that makes other things possible. If we nurture it in the right way, it becomes capable enough to handle situations like stress and distress. A healthy mind nourished with positive thoughts and optimism can be the substantial reason behind a healthy body. 

There are two very important things that you can work on here and get better results when it comes to your mental well-being. Bringing mindfulness and self-awareness into your lives can change a lot in your life. Both of these things open the gates of immense advantages and can help you in multiple ways. 

3: Emotional Resilience

You cannot just give up on a single bad episode of your life. You should be mentally healthy enough to bounce back from emotional setbacks and learn to cope with hard situations. Being emotionally resilient is a power not everyone can have! 

If you are able to embrace the hardships of life without getting overwhelmed, then congratulations, you are on the right track. Emotional resilience is a great tool you can use to transform yourself into a stronger version.

4: Social Health

Humans are one of the most delicate creatures on the face of the earth. That is why the delicacy of heart and mind thrives for the quality relationships on which humans can rely. Having a meaningful connection and a support network that nurtures our sense of belonging and purpose can make a big difference in our lives.

Maintaining Balance

If you think you are healthy by all means and still not able to keep balance, you are truly missing out, for balance is the key to having a healthy life. Balance is all about honoring the need for both action and stillness. You need to be consistent enough to function properly while maintaining a great deal of balance. 


Being healthy is not a destination to be reached but a journey that must keep going on. Health is intricately merged with physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. All these aspects of well-being require attention and care. By leaving it on its own, you will regret it one day. So, cherish your health and keep nurturing its needs for a healthy and stress-free life.


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