Best Cardio Machines For Indoor Workout

Best Cardio Machines For Indoor Workout

Whether you want to keep your body healthy or your mind, cardio workouts are the perfect choice for it. With an extensive variety of exercise, cardio workouts offer amazing health benefits that everyone wants to get a taste of. People often think that cardio workouts can only be performed outdoors, but that’s not true. With the right equipment, you can perform cardio workouts indoors as well. This piece of writing is all about the cardio machines that are best suited for indoor cardio workouts. Let’s go.

What is a cardio workout?

A workout performed to enhance the supply of oxygen to the muscles, by increasing heart rate, is known as a cardio workout. As it involves increasing the activity of the heart to push more blood to the organs, it has been named Cardiovascular aka Cardio workout.

Cardio workouts include aerobic exercises like running, jogging, cycling, walking, pedaling on the exercise bike, swimming, and the sports that elevate your heart rate. All of these exercises provide immense health benefits from improving the heart’s health to a strong immune system.

Do cardio workouts only be performed outdoors?

No! Cardio workouts are not only limited to outdoor spaces but can be performed both outdoors and indoors. It may look like it can be performed only outdoors due to the kind of exercises it includes like running, jogging, swimming, and rowing, to name a few. But, all these exercises can be performed indoors as well, by using the right equipment and following the right technique. The ultimate focus is to increase the heart rate to get the maximum health benefits, and it can be achieved with both indoor and outdoor cardio workouts.

Best cardio machines for indoor workout

Due to the busy routine or any health issue, many people avoid working outdoors but want to stay fit as well. That’s why a number of brands have launched various home-based gym equipment that mimics the experience of outdoor workouts. Here we’ve mentioned the best cardio machines that you can buy for your indoor workouts.

1. Stationary Exercise bike

These are just like any other cycle you’ve pedaled in life, with the only difference being that it is fixed in one place, indoors. So one can get the luxury of cycling at home or at the gym without going out. They also come in different types to suit the needs of their users’ cardio workouts. Spin bikes are the most common ones, as their cycling pattern resembles outdoor cycling while reclining ones offer comfortable space with such alignment that your feet don’t get tired and this one is good for people of old age.

2. Treadmill

Another best equipment for the cardio workout that provides its users with various features of walking and running in the indoor space. Its speed is adjustable and the intensity of workouts can be managed as well, according to a specific workout program.

Treadmills come in two types: Motorized and Non-motorized. Usually, gym places offer a motorized one as it offers numerous features, like pre-installed workout routines, keeping a check on calories burned while you run and a music system. While non-motorized does not offer such a program but is more effective for the people trying to tone their legs, as in this a person needs to move the belt of the treadmill themselves because no motor is installed to cater to this thing. But both kinds offer similar benefits.

3. Rowing machine

If you think rowing can only be done on a boat, you might want to reconsider that thought. Rowing machines have been gaining popularity as they mimic the real rowing experience in an indoor setting. To reap the cardio benefits in the indoor space, the rowing machine helps you in building muscle endurance and strengthens your body as well. The best part about working out on rowing machines is that they work out almost 86% of the muscle groups and thus can be considered a good option for indoor cardio workouts.

4. Elliptical trainer

Another best indoor machine for the cardio workout is an elliptical trainer. Its working is quite similar to cycling as it has two pedals that alternatively work on both legs. Along with pedaling, it also includes the feature of climbing that can give the benefits of high-intensity cardio workouts. Along with improving the heart’s health, it also burns the fat to help in weight loss and improve the balance of the body.

5. Stair climber

Climbing stairs has been a fruitful exercise for many reasons. Cardio workouts also include climbing exercises to maximize the heart rate. To experience stair climbing indoors, stair climber machines have been designed. These machines have moving stairs that one needs to keep climbing at an adjustable speed. Based on the intensity of stair climbing it improves breathing and cardiovascular health.


From running to rowing, almost every other kind of cardio workout can be performed at home. It’s not necessary that you buy all the above-mentioned machines to get the cardio benefits, but only one of them which suits your fitness goals will be enough. We’ve provided you with the best options to choose from, now it’s your turn to decide, which one to pick and which ones to pass.


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