Chicken _ Broccoli Diet - Is It Worth It_

Chicken & Broccoli Diet – Is It Worth It?

Obesity is an alarming issue rising rapidly among a majority of the population. But with an increasing trend of staying fit, everyone is looking for an easy way to lose those extra pounds. Many sources offer a variety of diet plans that aim for weight loss, without incorporating any physical activity. One of such examples is the chicken and broccoli diet, gaining heights of popularity since the past few years. This article will take you on a complete tour of the chicken and broccoli diet, from its introduction to the calorie count it offers; the pros and cons of this diet; and its alternatives, making your final decision of adopting this diet or not, quite easy. So, let’s dive into it.

What exactly is a chicken and broccoli diet?

As the name suggests, this diet only involves a balanced portion of chicken and broccoli. It gained popularity after some celebrities and fitness trainers claimed it as a promising source of weight loss. Claims have been made that people following this diet regularly for 10 days, can experience significant weight loss. People also suggest making this food with different recipes to avoid monotony. For example, chicken soup, boiled chicken, chicken with pepper and saute broccoli are usually suggested. However, boiling broccoli will kill the meaning of this diet, as boiling will remove all beneficial minerals and nutrients.

Calorie count

So, you might ask yourself, what these two ingredients can provide, in terms of nutritional value? Can they fulfill your nutritional needs while keeping extra fats at bay? Let’s have a look at their nutritional count.

Chicken (100 g- Breast piece with no skin)

It offers 165 Kcal, with 32g of Protein, Fat ranges from 3-3-.5 g with no carbohydrates. One of the significant vitamins, Vitamin B6, can also be found.

Broccoli (90 g)

It entails 31 kcal, with 89% water, 2.57 g proteins, 0.34 g fats, and around 5-6 g carbohydrates. Vitamins that are significant to this vegetable are Vitamin C (90%), Vitamin K (77%), Vitamin A (19%), Folate (14%), Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, and Iron (4-6%).

Chicken & Broccoli diet plan

A chicken and broccoli diet plan is usually laid out for 10 days. After that it’s your choice to continue it or not, depending upon your fitness goals. Here is the guide to a 10 days diet plan that can be followed for the weight loss journey. 

Day 1-2Unsweetened Black Tea (1 cup)
Whole Wheat Bread (50 g)
Cooked Broccoli (200 g)
Cooked Broccoli (100 g)
Chicken Soup (250 ml)
Well Cooked Chicken (150 g)
Black Tea without sugar (1 cup)
Well-cooked Broccoli with salt (250 g)
Day 3-4Cooked Broccoli with Olive oil (200 g)
Chicken breast (50 g) and Broccoli (150g) cooked together with olive oil with medium tomatoes and onions.Same as breakfast
Day 5-6Chicken Breast (Well-cooked) (100 g)
Cooked Broccoli Salad (100 g)
2 Tablespoons of low-fat soured milk
Boiled Broccoli in salted water (200 g)
Whole wheat bread (1 slice)
Cooked Chicken Breast (150 g)
Low-fat soured milk ( 1 cup)
Day 7-8Boiled Eggs (2)
Cooked Broccoli (100 g)
Black Tea without Sugar (1 cup)
Cooked Chicken/Tuna( 150 g)
Cooked Broccoli (100 g)
Salted Chicken soup (250 ml)
Cooked Broccoli (250 g)
Black Tea without Sugar (1 cup)
Day 9-10Partially salted Broccoli (100 g)
Boiled Carrots (2)
Cooked Chicken (100 g)
Salted Broccoli (100g)
Whole wheat bread (1 Slice)
Cooked Broccoli (200 g)
Cooked Potato (1)

Is it worth it?

To answer this query, we’ve combined the pros and cons of the chicken and broccoli diet. After reading these, the ball is in your court, and you’ve to decide if it’s worth a shot or not.


  • Curbs the desire for high-calorie intake
  • Protein-rich diet
  • Provides beneficial vitamins and minerals
  • Improves the immunity
  • Fights against health disorders, like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, digestive tract infections
  • Easy to prepare
  • Helps in building extra muscles


  • Missing out on essential nutrients
  • Chronic eating disorders like Anorexia
  • Drained energy, lethargic feeling whole day
  • Monotonous diet plan
  • Urge for the intake of unhealthy food options

Do we have any healthy alternatives?

Many healthy alternatives can be explored for weight loss. Examples are the keto diet, plant-based diet, intermittent fasting, and the Mediterranean diet. All these options help in weight loss while keeping the nutritional requirements of the body balanced.


Dieting is an efficient way of losing fat. The real task begins when we have to choose an appropriate diet plan for us. While the chicken and broccoli diet does offer some advantages in the weight loss department, the disadvantages of this diet aren’t negligible. Compromising on the overall health of the body and depriving it of the needed energy is not worth it. But if you decide to follow this diet with alternative variations fulfilling nutritional requirements, you can go for it to lose a few pounds in a short period. But remember not to make it a habit, or else the consequences are harsh.


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