Does an LA Fitness membership include free guest passes

Does LA Fitness Membership Include Free Guest Passes?

In the emerging world of today, a healthy lifestyle is a top priority of many enthusiasts who want to achieve a fitness goal. However, having the right gym membership can make all the difference. Recently, in LA, the fitness industry has boasted a wide range of services and offered membership options to the members that suit their preferences and needs. Despite all, one commonly asked question is whether LA Fitness memberships include free guest passes or not. In this article we will take a deep analysis of LA fitness memberships and their policy on guest passes to help you make an informed decision about your fitness journey. 

What Are LA Fitness Memberships? 

LA Fitness Memberships offers a variety of offers to people depending upon their needs and preferences. These memberships provide access to group fitness classes, cutting-edge fitness equipment, personal training services, and an exceptional fitness experience. 

What Is Meant by Guest Passes In LA Fitness Memberships?  

The most attractive feature of fitness centers is that they allow members to bring friends or family to the gym for a limited period and provide them with a taste of the fitness experience. This offer could be appealing to those who want to introduce their loved ones to a healthy lifestyle. However, the terms and conditions for the guest passes can vary among LA Fitness gyms. 

Does LA Fitness Membership Include Free Guest Passes? 

Yes! LA Fitness Membership includes free Guest Passes, particularly for new members. These passes grant limited access to the facilities, allowing individuals to explore the gym for a specific duration. These passes may be applicable for one day or several consecutive days, allowing visitors to use the equipment, take part in group exercise sessions, and enjoy other facilities during their trial period.

What Type Of LA Fitness Membership Offers Free Passes? 

Well, the terms and conditions for the availability of the free passes vary, depending upon the location and the type of membership a member opts for. There are 3 types of membership in LA, which offer free passes: 

Basic Membership:  Access to a limited number of guest passes per year, allowing a friend or family member a one-time visit to the gym only during specific hours or days.

Multi-Club Membership:  A member with access to multiple location membership can get free passes that are valid across these locations. 

Signature Club Membership:  It includes premium facilities and offers a slightly higher allocation of guest passes compared to basic members and the guests might have access to more facilities within the gym.

How To Obtain a Guest Pass With LA Fitness Membership? 

The process of obtaining a free guest pass from LA fitness centers involves a visit to their official website and local branch directly. Interested members can request a guest pass on the website by entering their contact information and choosing their desired location. However, some LA Fitness centers distribute guest passes during promotional events or community outreach efforts. 

What Are the Perks and Limitations Of LA Fitness Memberships Free Pass? 


Having a free guest pass through LA Fitness Membership is beneficial in many ways, such as: 

  • It offers a friend or family member to join at the gym to motivate you on the fitness journey. 
  • It allows guests to experience the gym’s facilities and services firsthand.
  • It provides a positive fitness experience and a supportive atmosphere by sharing a workout with someone. 


The following are the restrictions of the LA Fitness Memberships free pass: 

  • The pass offers limited access to the gym which might not be enough to boost you up. 
  • The availability of free passes could be subject to change based on factors beyond your control.
  • The duration of the guest pass period might differ from regular membership due to potential restrictions during peak hours.


LA Fitness centers offer free guest passes to potential members, allowing their loved ones to have access to the gym’s facilities and services before committing to a membership. These passes are undoubtedly a valuable tool that might align with your fitness goals and preferences. Employing guest passes may be a great way to introduce family and friends to your enthusiasm for exercise and give them an insight into the world of fitness and wellness. Remember to check the availability and terms of these passes by visiting their local LA Fitness location or official website for the most up-to-date information.


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