Is MSG Keto Friendly

Is MSG Keto Friendly?

MSG or Monosodium glutamate commonly called “Chinese salt” has faced criticism and controversy for a very long time. With the latest research, there is an ease with the controversy but the question that still remains trending is whether MSG is keto-friendly or not. Is it a safe choice to eat on keto or not? So, let’s know all about MSG and get answers to these questions.

What Is MSG?

MSG is a salt composed of sodium and glutamate. It is a whitish, crystal shaped powder utilized as a food additive for taste and flavor enhancement. MSG has an umami taste, that is very specific. It combines sweet, sour, bitter, and salty tastes.

L-glutamic acid is a nonessential amino acid that can be produced by the body itself as well and the body cannot differentiate between the one consumed and produced by the body.

So let’s see what is the nutritional value of MSG.

What Is The Nutritional Value Of Msg?

The standard serving of MSG is 1 g that provides the:

00 g0 g0 g130 mg

There is no nutritional value provided by MSG, as it contains no calories, carbs, proteins, fats, and other nutrients like vitamins and minerals. It only has salt and is only used as a flavor enhancer.

If MSG does not provide any nutrition, can it be eaten on keto? Let’s find out whether MSG is keto-friendly or not.

Is Msg Keto-Friendly?

it contains zero carbohydrates which means it won’t have any effect on your blood sugar levels and will not throw your body out of ketosis.  So, if you want to have MSG on keto, you can have it without any worry. But remember to keep its intake in moderation as it contains sodium, which is not suitable for health if consumed in greater amounts. So, MSG is keto-friendly.

Is Msg Healthy?

Despite the controversy, the latest research back that there are no harmful effects of MSG consumption in moderation. FDA approves MSG to be “safe”. It is a flavor enhancer and additive, that in moderation is not dangerous. It does contain sodium, which need not be exaggerated in intake. So, MSG can be consumed and enjoyed on keto and on a regular diet as well.


Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is keto-friendly. It is a flavor enhancer made from sodium and glutamic acid having an umami taste. It has no nutritional value as it contains no carbs, proteins, or fats with zero calories in it which means it does not affect ketosis. Though it does not contain any carbs, it has 130 mg of sodium per 1 g and should be consumed in moderation.  So, it is a friendly option to be added to your diet on keto.


How Many Carbs Are In Msg?

There are no carbs and the net carbohydrates are also 0.  It is a flavor enhancer that only contains salt and no other nutrients in it. The zero carbohydrate content in MSG also makes it a friendly choice for keto.

How many proteins are in MSG?

MSG contains zero proteins.  It is just used for enhancing the flavor by providing sodium but it does not provide any proteins.

How many fats are present in MSG?

There are zero fats in MSG.

What is the sodium content of  MSG?

The sodium content of MSG is 130 mg per 1g. This amount of sodium provides and enhances the flavor of the food in which MSG is used.


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