Which Is The Best Strategy For Avoiding Chronic Diseases Caused By High-Calorie Diet

Which is the Best Strategy for Avoiding Chronic Diseases Caused by High-Calorie Diet

While a high-calorie diet can help you recover from many diseases, it itself can be harmful to you as well. It is reported that a high-calorie diet can pave a way for serious health issues. So, what can you do to prevent those diseases while following a high-calorie diet plan? Let’s take a deep look at it.

What is a High-Calorie Diet?

It is a diet plan that requires a person to consume foods high in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. All this food needs to be consumed to increase the intake of calories per day which could go up to 4000-5000 calories a day.

Why do People Follow a High-Calorie Diet?

It is not a common diet plan that anyone can follow. This kind of diet plan is followed by people suffering from conditions like cancer, AIDS, HIV, malnutrition, or any injuries that require their body to consume high amounts of protein and calories. Sometimes doctors also recommend this diet to be followed by someone who needs to recover from surgery or illness.

A High-Calorie Diet Causes Chronic Diseases- Which One?

As the number of calories increases via this diet which requires you to consume lots of proteins, carbs, and fats- it leads to a number of health issues as well, along with recovery. It is not necessary that you get chronic diseases due to this diet, but it only happens if you keep following the high-calorie diet for a long time and that too without any adequate physical activity. The chronic diseases it can cause are obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, gallstones, hypertension, and endometrial cancer.

Which is the Best Strategy for Avoiding Chronic Diseases Caused By a High-Calorie Diet?

So, if it is necessary for you to follow a high-calorie diet plan, then how can you avoid catching these chronic diseases? Well, there are a few strategies that can help you keep far from all these chronic diseases while following a high-calorie diet. Let’s take a look.

1. Limit Your Fat Intake

Fats are known to be evil to our health but recent studies have shown that fat can be good for our heart’s health. That’s why even in a high-calorie diet it is recommended to increase the amount of fat intake. However, the increased amount of saturated fat can result in chronic diseases. So, the best strategy to avoid this situation is to limit the fat intake and replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats like soybean and olive oil.  It will fulfill your fat requirement as well and will lessen the chances of getting a stroke.

2. Limit Your Sugar Intake

The high-calorie diet requires you to increase your calorie intake and what else can do that best than sugar? Consuming sugar can boost the level of calories in your body but it does come with its side effects, the most common one being diabetes. To avoid diabetes through a high-calorie diet, you need to make smart choices. Limit your sugar intake and increase the number of calories with healthy proteins. You can also replace sugary drinks and foods with healthy fruits that will fulfill the sugar requirements and won’t cause diabetes or any other chronic disease.

3. Eat More Complex Carbs

Increasing calories can make you obese and that is the worrisome part of this diet plan. So, to avoid such a situation, you can try eating foods that contain complex carbs like whole grains. Such foods will ensure that you have enough carbs for your body to function perfectly while making sure that you don’t get sick.

4. Add an Adequate Amount of Physical Activity to Your Routine

It beats every other solution, but we know it can’t be possible for everyone. People who have been through some incidents and might be recovering from injuries or surgeries won’t be able to perform physical activity. Such people can make adjustments in their diet plans to avoid chronic diseases. But if you are suffering from any health issue that requires you to follow a high-calorie diet but does not limit your physical movements then it’s necessary that you add an adequate amount of physical exercise to your daily routine. It will burn all the unnecessary calories and will keep you healthy.


The high-calorie diet is a good choice for people who need to increase the number of calories in their bodies for medical or personal reasons. But it’s necessary that they calculate the risks attached to this diet beforehand as well. Chronic diseases caused by a high-calorie diet can be prevented if you act smartly and limit the intake of saturated fats and sugar. A pinch of physical activity can also be of great help, only if it’s possible for you.


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