Does losing weight affect your nose

Does Losing Weight Affect your Nose?

Everyone is concerned about how they look these days. People are obsessed with pounds, some wanna lose while some wanna gain. They are obsessed over looking perfect, having the perfect slim smart body with a perfect face and on-point facial features, and the nose is on top of the list. People who think they have a big nose want to make it slim and look for ways to do it. They often wonder if losing weight can affect their nose or not, or if is there any way they can do that. Let’s find out. 

Does Losing Weight Affect Your Nose?

When a person loses weight, the fat cells in the skin reduce in size and become smaller, making that part look smaller. Losing weight can definitely decrease the fat deposits in the face but can not affect the nose. We wonder why?

The reason is quite easy to understand but for that, you need to know the basic structure of the human nose. So here is what you should know.

What Is The Basic Structure Of The Nose?

The human nose consists of two parts: cartilage and bone. The skin covers this whole structure but without having the fat layer which is present in most of the skin of the face. So now that we know the composition of the human nose, we can understand why losing weight can not affect our nose.

As there are no fat cells in our nose, that can be affected by weight changes, then what affects our nose?

What Determines the looks of the Nose?

Nose appearance; size and shape are determined by genetic factors and facial structure. Our genes can not change due to external factors and there are no fat cells in the nose that can shrink or increase in size, and change the appearance of the nose, so it remains in its original shape. But there are fat cells present in other parts of our face that can make them look different with losing or gaining weight. Though our face slowly reacts toward the weight changes, these changes also affect the way our nose looks in combination with other facial features.

How Does Weight Gain Affect Your Face?

Our faces react toward weight changes, whether it’s weight loss or weight gain. A fat face is basically due to extra fat deposited in our face. When we gain weight, the fat cells present under our skin increase and expand to make space for increased growth. This increased fat appears mostly in the areas of cheeks, around jowls, and under the chin. These changes make your face look chubbier, round, and full. When your face looks overall fat and chubby, it highlights and outstands your nose, which is having its original shape, with no change in it.

Does Losing Weight Affect Your Face?

As explained above in the case of weight, In the same way, when you lose weight, the fat cells in these areas of your face shrink and decrease in size making the face look smaller and sharper, especially in the jawline area. This makes your nose more prominent in relation to other facial features.

Besides, there are a few ways by which you can change the shape of your nose regardless of weight loss or gain. Want to know about them? The answer is right here.

Ways To Change The Nose Shape

There could be possible a few ways in which you can change the shape of your nose. One is a permanent change and the other is a temporary change, so let’s talk about both.

1- Plastic Surgery

The shape of your nose can not be changed permanently in any way other than the surgical procedure, called Rhinoplasty. With this plastic surgery, you can make your nose look smaller or thinner, as per your choice.

2- Makeup

Besides the surgical procedure, a temporary way includes doing a makeover and contouring to create an optical illusion that will make your nose appear the way you want.


Losing weight does not affect your nose. It does not make it appear slim or thin because only your genes and facial structure decide the appearance of your nose. The nose contains bone and cartilage and no fat cells that can increase or shrink in size with weight fluctuations. But losing weight makes your facial area like cheeks, jowl, and chin area look slim and small and meanwhile making your nose prominent. So, if you really want to change how your nose looks, surgical rhinoplasty is the only option.


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