Nowadays everyone is looking for some tips or diets to follow that could help them shed some pounds and make them slim and smart while being healthy. K-pop idols are famous for their body shape and weight. Several KPOP diets are in fashion nowadays, as people believe that following a diet followed by certain celebrities will make them look just like K-pop idols. But people also wonder whether these K-pop diets are an easy option to opt for the purpose of weight loss while eating healthy or not. And if it is so, then what are some good and easy K-Pop diets? Let’s find out.

What is a K-Pop Diet?

The K-Pop diet, as the name depicts is a diet followed by Korean Pop Stars. It is a whole food-centered diet that includes eating whole, minimally processed foods selected from traditional Korean cuisine and restricting any processed or high-fat food. It is quite a popular diet among young people over the globe, but before starting this diet, it is necessary to get the concept of this diet plan.

What is the concept of the K-pop diet?

The concept of this diet is to eat healthy food and exercise regularly for the purpose of modifying your daily diet routine with the addition of physical activity for the purpose of weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle. It not only focuses on nutritional aspects but also on physical activity like exercise.

There are many K-pop diets that help with the purpose but what is included in this diet? Let’s have a look.

What is included in the K-Pop Diet?

As the whole idea of the K-pop diet is to include whole and minimally processed foods and exclude processed high-fat and sugary foods. It includes:

  • Whole grains

Mostly Korean diet includes brown rice, wild sweet rice, black rice, white and black pea, kidney bean, millet, and barley

  • Fat-free food
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • More chicken and fish, and less red meat
  • Fermented foods

These are the foods included in the K-Pop diet, but we should also know which food items are not a part of this diet.

Foods to avoid

1- Processed foods (like noodles, pasta, bread, processed cereals, etc.)

2- Sugary items Restrict Sugar (all chocolates, candies, soda, etc.)

3- Dairy items (like milk, cheese, etc.)

4- Snacks

Now the question is, does this diet modification helps you lose weight or not?

Does the K-POP diet help you lose weight?

YES!! The K-pop diet is designed in such a way that helps you lose weight while being healthy with some modifications.

  • It limits the calories coming from carbs and sugars and focuses on foods rich in protein and other nutrients.
  • It emphasizes eating traditional Korean meals that include a high amount of vegetables and fruits. In this way this diet provides a lot of fiber, which gives a fulfilling feeling to the stomach, reducing hunger and limiting extra cravings and snacking.
  • So, with this, the overall calorie intake is reduced as compared to calories burned. This calorie deficit helps you lose weight.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned food items, let us tell you some of the easy K-pop diets that you can opt for in your weight loss journey.

What are some easy Kpop Diets?

There are different K-pop diets, some good and easy ones to follow are:

1- BTS Diet

BTS is a very famous Korean pop gang. This diet could be split into two, one for Jimin and the second for Jin.

i: BTS Jimin Diet: Jimin went on the most serious diet among all the other members of the team. This diet includes consuming only one meal in the whole day for 10 straight days which is not a good and recommended choice to make.

Ii: BTS Jin Diet: He is the oldest member of BTS and is considered very handsome. His diet plan includes 2 chicken breasts for the whole day with a regular workout session.

The BTS diet is idealized but it’s not suitable to follow as it includes very little food which will make you feel tired and drained of energy all day long.


2- IU Diet

The IU diet is named after a famous songwriter and singer. It is one of the most severely calorie-restricted diets in which you only eat 400-500 calories per day. The meal plan includes:

Morning– 1 apple

Lunch– 2 sweet potato

Dinner– Protein shake or protein bar

Even though through this diet IU lost the desired weight but it could not be a good experience and might have made her feel not very fresh and active.

3- Park Shin Hye Diet

Park Shin Hye’s diet is also called a cucumber diet. It is split into two meals a day with 350 calories that include: cucumber, cabbage, brown rice, and low-fat milk. The design of the meal plan is:

Morning– 1 Cucumber and one glass of milk

Lunch– A half rice bowl with 2 cabbage leaves

Dinner– 1 Cucumber and 2 cabbage leaves

This diet is extremely calorie deficient and is not a healthy option to follow to lose weight.

4- The Xiumin Diet

The Xiumun diet also called the ‘Coffee Diet’ is a 4-hour Rule in which Xiumin ate after 4 hours of the first meal and dinner is the last meal. This diet included eating one meal a day and consuming great amounts of coffee for rapid weight loss.

It’s right that Xiumin lost a lot of weight with this diet, but he also gained back a lot within a few months after he stopped the diet so, it is not good to drain your body of energy with this diet to gain back those pounds you lost the hard and unhealthy way.

5- Ailee Diet

Ailee is a South Korean pop star and singer and some people refer to her diet as the YOYO diet which consists of 500 calories. It includes 100 g of protein from chicken, beef, or shrimp, some veggies, and one fruit in every meal.

This is a lot fewer calories to be consumed in a day and you don’t think of following it anyway.

6- Vegetable Diet

In this diet, you only eat vegetables. This diet is known as Park Bom from 2NE1. This diet includes all vegetables in any form, either salad or singular veggies.

This diet restricts carbs and sugar intake and helps you lose pounds easily.

7- Paper Cup Diet

In the paper cup diet, there are controlled portions per meal. It is followed three times a day which take any three paper cups or any other cup of small size and fill them with the food: one cup filled with rice, one with vegetable/meat, and one with fruits. This diet is famous after the nine muses who started this program.

It is a complete meal with healthy food and no processed items.

8- Banana Diet

It is a very simple yet popular diet. Following this diet: Take 1 banana with a glass of water in the morning, during lunch eat anything you want but in controlled portions and the same goes for dinner.

This diet works by the principle that you cut one entire meal as 1 banana does not count as a meal, and for the remaining meals, you control the portion size.

9- Sweet Potatoe Diet

This is a simple diet in which you only eat sweet potato in every meal. It could be in any form any dish even paired with some vegetables.

This diet is rich in carbohydrates but if consumed with some veggies, it will give good results.

All these diets listed above are famous K-Pop diets and we wonder what are possible health benefits and risks related to them. So let’s discuss them.

Health Benefits of the K-Pop Diet

The KPOP diet offers certain health benefits:

1- You get to eat healthy whole and natural food in replacement of processed food items that are low in fat and added sugar.

2- Supports good cardiovascular health by improving cholesterol levels with reduced fat intake

3- Natural and unprocessed foods are nutrient-dense providing essential nutrients to the body

4- It advises doing regular exercise along the diet routine to enhance your over health and lose some unwanted pounds

Every diet regime has its positives and negatives. We have discussed the benefits of the K-pop diet but it is important to know about its drawbacks as well. So here we go.

Drawbacks of the K-Pop Diet

1- It does not provide any information on meal planning or how to make a balanced meal by selecting foods from traditional Korean cuisine.

2- This diet regime emphasizes weight loss to look like South Korean pop stars which is not always good.


The K-pop weight loss diet focuses on whole foods over processed foods which is a good choice in diet. It also encourages exercise along with good nutrition to lose weight, appear good and healthy, and have clear skin but some K-pop diets are severely dangerous and calorie-restricted and what those idols have followed should not be opted by you. Another thing of concern is that it poses much importance of looking like K-pop stars in appearance which is not the healthy way and could possibly lead to disoriented eating habits.


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