what happens if you exercise without dieting

What Happens If You Exercise Without Dieting?

Exercise and dieting are connected to each other and go hand in hand for a healthy lifestyle. We know that exercise is good for fitness and has multiple health benefits but is exercise alone enough? We wonder what happens if we only exercise and not diet. What would be the outcome? So, in order to get the answer, read below. 

What Happens If You Exercise Without Dieting?

Exercise and dieting go hand in hand. If you exercise regularly but are not dieting, it is of no use for weight loss. Exercising only is incomplete for this purpose. You can not effectively lose weight without combining exercise with diet modifications. 

But if you are exercising for gaining strength and flexibility, exercise is a good way to achieve that. It just depends on your goals for why you are exercising. 

Exercising itself is a good routine and offers many health benefits to your body but is not beneficial for weight loss if not accompanied by dieting. So, let’s see what happens when you exercise without dieting. 

1- You Just Gain Muscle

It is no doubt that when you exercise, you gain muscles as muscle fibers break down when you exercise. Muscles burn calories faster than fat which raises your metabolism rate. But if you do not control your diet, you will just gain muscle and won’t lose weight. 

2- Excess of Calorie Burn

When you exercise, you burn the calories that you have consumed but if you eat greater calories than you burn, you won’t have weight loss. For weight loss, it is required to burn more calories than you are eating through diet. So, without dieting and only exercising, you can not lose weight.

3- You Get Hungrier

If you are not dieting and only exercising, you will become more hungry and get more cravings. It is important to maintain your diet while you are exercising because when you exercise, the body stimulates hunger hormones making you hungrier. It is important to eat a healthy fulfilling diet. 

4- More Sugar Cravings

When you exercise without dieting, you will get more sugar cravings. This is because dieting is not only about cutting calories and consuming less food rather it is eating a balanced and sufficient amount of food required by your body. When you exercise and do not maintain your diet, and eat less variety of food with little nutritional value, your body will get more cravings to fulfill those needs of your body. 

5- No Balance Of Calories

When you are not maintaining a proper diet and are exercising meanwhile, you will have no idea of how many calories you are taking in and how many you are burning while exercising. There will be no balance of calories. 

If you are exercising just for the purpose of fitness and not for weight loss, then you can enjoy multiple benefits of exercise.

Benefits Of Exercising 

1- You Sleep Better

Exercise helps a person in different ways. It also helps a person with improved and better sleep. Exercise makes you sleep better by increasing your body’s core temperature and when this temperature falls, the decline helps facilitate sleepiness and improves the quality of sleep. 

2- Good Mental Health

Exercise without dieting is not good for weight loss but exercise surely is good for your mental health. When you do exercise, your body produces hormones like endorphins that make you feel good, improve your mood, relieve stress, improve stamina, and improve strength. All of this is good for mental health. 

3- Reduced Risk Of Chronic Diseases

Exercise plays important in reducing the progression of chronic diseases. Engaging in exercise offers multiple health benefits. If you have a family history of diseases, you can prevent or delay them by adding regular exercise to your routine. Exercise also improves the quality of life, improves heart health, and also increases stamina. All these factors, help in reducing the risk and chances of chronic diseases like heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, etc. 

4- Improved Fitness 

It is a common benefit of going to the gym that your overall fitness will be improved. Whatever your fitness goals are, going to the gym regularly can make you achieve them. Exercising at the gym improves your stamina, boosts your endurance, tones and builds up muscles and muscle strength, enhances your flexibility, strengthens bones, and improves mental health, all of which result in improved fitness levels


When you exercise without dieting, you may get other health benefits of exercising but you won’t be able to lose weight. Exercise is good for health but is an incomplete strategy and not beneficial for weight loss if not accompanied by dieting. By only exercising and not dieting, you just gain muscle, burn calories but without having any balance of calories, get more hungry, and have more cravings. If you are exercising just for fitness and not for weight loss, then exercise offers multiple benefits.


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