How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness has gained mass popularity in the US because of its cost-effective services. Their membership plans are affordable and their sign-up process is quite simple. However, some people might not like their services or would want to just take a break from their fitness routine. In that case, they’ll need to cancel their Planet Fitness membership. And to do so they need to follow the given procedures. So, how exactly can someone cancel their Planet Fitness membership? Let’s find out.

How to Cancel a Planet Fitness Membership?

To cancel your membership at PF, you first need to give a notice of 30 days; only after that, you can proceed with the cancellation process. There is a total of two ways by which you can cancel your PF membership. Both of these methods are conventional ones. You can either go in person to your home club to cancel your membership or you need to send a signed letter via mail to your home club. Unfortunately, PF does not allow the cancellation of membership via phone or email.

1. Cancellation of Planet Fitness Membership in Person

To cancel your PF membership whether basic or black card, you can go directly to your home club. To cancel your membership in person, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to your home PF club, where you’ve registered yourself and workout usually.

Step 2: Go to the management desk and ask them to initiate your membership cancellation process.

Step 3: They’ll ask you to fill out a cancellation form on which you need to provide some information including your personal information, PF id number, and billing details. You’ll also need to mention a reason for cancellation.

Step 4: Once you are done, hand over the form to the management and they will initiate your cancellation process. You’ll be notified of the cancellation via email, if not, you can always call on their helpline number to know the status.

2. Cancellation of Planet Fitness Membership Via Mail

It is such a traditional method yet PF opts for it. If you cannot visit your home PF club for some reason but want to cancel your membership, you can simply send a letter via mail to PF. Let’s look at the steps.

Step 1: Write a letter to your Planet Fitness home club, while stating your reason for cancellation.

Step 2: Also write all the required details like your name, contact details, address, billing details, Planet Fitness ID details, and any other necessary detail.

Step 3: Once completed, sign the letter to make it official and send it to the official mailing address of Planet Fitness.

Step 4: You’ll receive a confirmation of your cancellation of membership via phone or email. If not, you can dial up their helpline to find out whether your membership has been canceled or not.

Wait! Do I Need to Pay Something for Membership Cancellation at Planet Fitness?

Well, there are some charges you might need to pay if you are trying to cancel your membership. It’s not mandatory in every situation but under a few circumstances. Such as:

  • If you have signed a 12-month contract at PF, and try to cancel a membership before completing a year, you’ll have to pay a $58 fee before cancellation.
  • If you are canceling your membership in between the grace period of 14 days, then you’ll have to pay a total of $25 fee.
  • If you have completed your year or haven’t signed any contract to complete a certain time in the PF, then you can cancel anytime without paying any fee.


To cancel any kind of membership at Planet Fitness, you can either go in person or can mail them a signed letter stating your reason for cancellation and all the required details. You’ll receive the confirmation after the completion of 30 days’ notice. Just be mindful of the cancellation fee and do give your contract a read before initiating a cancellation process.


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