What Does $1 Down At Planet Fitness?

What Does $1 Down At Planet Fitness?

Fitness clubs offer a variety of membership plans to cater to the needs of their members. And to initiate the membership, they usually keep a high registration fee so people take it seriously. But there comes a time when they offer promotional offers which let you enjoy their membership in the cheapest way possible. One such promotional offer can be seen at Planet Fitness where they claim that only $1 down can get you a membership. Seriously? Is that true? Let’s find out.

What Does $1 Down At Planet Fitness?

So, basically, the membership plans at Planet Fitness come with a startup fee that goes as high as $59 depending upon the locality of the gym and services provided there. But, here comes an interesting thing. To attract more members to their clubs, Planet Fitness has introduced a promo start-up fee that is only $1. Anyone can sign up to Planet Fitness by paying $1 as a start-up fee and the membership fee along with it whether it’s a $10 plan or a $25 plan.

Tip: Do remember to check with your local gym if the offer is still valid before going to sign up for it.

What Is The Registration Fee At Planet Fitness?

You now must be wondering if they are offering such a discount on the start-up fee, then how much exactly does the start-up fee cost without any discount? Well, normally, the start-up fee for Planet Fitness ranges from $19-$59.  The fee varies depending upon which gym you are aiming to join and what kind of services that gym offers.

How Much Are The Membership Plans At Planet Fitness?

Both the start-up fee and membership fee at Planet Fitness are quite reasonable. While the start-up fee can range from $0-$59, the membership fee remains the same. The classic membership is for $10, while the most famous black card membership is for $25 which comes with lots of extra services and amenities.

Is The $1 Registration Fee A Scam?

Many people came out on the Facebook page of Planet Fitness to claim that this $1 start-up fee is a scam. They said that they have tried to claim this offer at multiple gyms but have failed to avail. Well, that’s not a scam. Planet Fitness clearly states that $1 is their promotional offer and cannot be availed forever. They also recommend that you should confirm from your local gym if the offer is still valid or not.

The Final Word

$1 down at Planet Fitness means one can become a member of Planet Fitness just by paying a $1 start-up fee and the membership fee for the following month. This is one of the most economical offers one can avail at any fitness club. However, it’s advisable to confirm if the promotional offer is still valid before signing up for the gym membership.


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