Back Extension Exercises

How to do Back Extension Exercises Correctly?

Strong visible muscles and abs are not the ones that only matter when it comes to fitness but the strength and flexibility of the back are important too. It is important to focus on your back strength as well and to add some back-directed exercises to your routine. There are multiple back extension exercises used for strengthening your back. But how do these back extension exercises correctly? No need to worry, here is the answer.

What are back extension exercises?

Back extension exercises are stabilization exercises that involve bending the spine in a backward position while increasing the angle between bones at a joint. It is basically the isolation exercises mainly targeting your lower back.

In back extensions, the person lies and sets on the hyperextension bench machine and moves forward by bending at the waist or doing it manually. This is good for people having frequent lower back pain in daily life.

These exercises are helpful but how to perform these back extensions correctly? Let’s find out.

How to do back extension exercises correctly?

Back extension exercises can be performed with and without equipment but in both cases, they should be performed slowly and under control. The equipment used for the back extension exercise is the back extension machine or bench.

So, let’s discuss how to perform back extension exercises in both ways.

Back Extension Exercises with Machine

There are different machines used for back extension exercises.

1: Back extension Bench

A back extension bench is a machine used for back extension exercises also called a hyperextension bench that uses gravity as resistance. It comes in two variants:  45 degrees and 90 degrees.

The back extension can be done correctly by following these points:

1- Place your thighs firmly against the pads, your hips just barely above the top of the pad.

2- Bend your knees, set back, and lock your feet into position against the pads in the back, keeping them in line with your knees.

3- Bring your thighs to the pad’s front. In this position, you are straight against your back.

4- Cross your arms across the chest, inhale and come all the way down slowly bending forward, and then excel on the way up.

5- Repeat and complete the desired set but keep it slow and stay in control all the time and do not jerk.

2: Back Extension on a Seated Back Extension

1- Sit in a comfortable position on the machine.

2- Adjust your back with the back support pad in a way that it’s just below the neck

3- Adjust the leg in a way that there is slight bending in the legs while exercising.

4- Keep your arms in a cross manner in front of the chest

5- Your back should be straight

6- Exhale when you lean back and inhale on returning to the starting point

7- Perform almost two sets of  8-15 reps.

With these points in consideration, you can do your back extension exercise correctly. But when you don’t have any equipment then how to do these exercises?

Back Extension Exercise without Machine

If you are doing a back extension exercise without any equipment, then you need to keep these things in mind to accurately perform this exercise:

For Beginners:

1- Lie straight on your stomach on the ground.

2- Put your forearms tucked close to your sides on the ground. Keep the elbows directly under the shoulders.

3- Raise your chest slightly off the ground and keep your hip, legs, and feet in a relaxed situation with contact with the ground.

4- Lift the upper back while pressing your hips onto the mat. Keep holding this position for 10-20 seconds.

5- Repeat desired sets.

For Advanced or superman back extension variation:

1- Lie straight on your stomach on the mat. Keep your legs straight behind you.

2- Move and extend the arms in a straight-ahead position and keep your neck straight with the spine.

3- Now engage and involve the core and glutes.

4- Pick your chest up by raising your arms a few inches off the floor.

5- Sideways lift your legs to 1-2 inches off the floor.

6- Keep this position, pause for 5 seconds, and then lower the arms and legs

Alternating superman variation:

If you want to do a bit more of an involving extension, then do these alternating superman extensions. At the same time, it involves lifting the opposite arms and legs.

1- Lie down on the mat with a straight stomach. Your legs should be straight behind..

2- Move and extend the arms in a straight-ahead position while keeping the head and neck relaxed.

3- Now engage and involve the core and glutes.

4- Now lift the right arm and opposite leg 1-2 inches off the floor or as high as you can.

5- Relax and then repeat the same with the left arm and opposite leg.

With all these steps you can correctly perform the back extension exercise with or without a machine. What could be the possible benefits of these back extension exercises?

Benefits of Back Extension Exercise

These types of exercises have significant benefits which are listed below.

1- Back extensions are great to strengthen the lower portion of your back, the muscle lining, and the bottom part of the spine on each side.

2- These also enhance the range of motion of the lower back helping people with poor back posture.

3- It helps relieve lower back pain because mostly the lower back pain is due to weak back muscles, and back extensions strengthen your muscles.

4- It reduces the risk of injuries, as it helps against overextending your spine by strengthening the back muscles. This improves the flexibility in the lower back and hence reduces many risks of later injuries of the back and spine.


Back extension exercises are stabilization exercises that involve bending the spine in a backward position while increasing the angle between bones at a joint and can be done with or without any machine or equipment. You can perform these exercises correctly by following the tips provided and making sure that you perform slowly and under control. These back extension exercises are helpful in strengthening your back muscles and spine while reducing your risk of spine injuries.


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