Does Orangetheory Workouts Help In Weight Loss

Do Orangetheory Workouts Help In Weight Loss?

Every day, there is a new fitness trend launched in the market, targeting audiences who are either worried about their excess weight or who just want to maintain their healthy lifestyle. As soon as you start working on a certain workout routine, the other popular routine catches your eye and just like that you keep changing your workout regime. But there is a popular fitness trend out there, of which there are thousands of dedicated followers, and provides a complete package of workouts: the orangetheory fitness workout. You must’ve heard of it by now. But with the fame, there come speculations as well. Is it really helpful, as it claims to be? Or is this another scam? We’ve gathered all the facts for you to decide if it really helps in your weight loss or not.

What is an Orangetheory workout?

The principle of orangetheory workouts is EPS i.e., Endurance, Power, and Strength. The workout session comprises both high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and typical cardio exercises; which combined help you in achieving your ultimate fitness goals. Whether it is to lose weight, to gain strength or to improve your muscle endurance, orangetheory claims to offer everything in one package. The workout session is 60 minutes each day.

What are “zones” in orangetheory workout?

The workout performance is divided into five zones, which determine your current activity rate based on your heart rate. Heart rate of every individual is measured by a wearable heart rate monitor during exercise. These five zones are:

1: Grey zone: A zone consisting of very comfortable and light activities. It is the least strenuous zone with 50-60% of your known maximum limit of the heart rate.

2: Blue zone: This zone refers to the warming up of your mind and body for the upcoming HIIT. Covers 60-70% of your maximum heart rate.

3: Green zone: Referred to as “Base Pace”- a challenging but doable one. You need to maintain your body in this zone for 20-30 minutes, which in result will start burning fats and carbs. It is 71-83% of your known maximum heart rate.

4: Orange zone: An uncomfortable yet magical zone. In this zone you achieve Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). The target is to keep yourself in this zone for 12 minutes to maximize the results of caloric burn. It’s 84-91% of your maximum heart rate.

5: Red zone: The final zone in which you’ll unleash your maximum potential. You are supposed to empty the energy tank of your body by staying 12 minutes or less in this zone. It’s 92-100% of your maximum heart rate.

To keep people motivated, orangetheory has dedicated Splat points, i.e, points you get by spending each minute in the orange or red zone. If you manage to achieve 12 points, there are claims that you’ll reach EPOC and will burn more calories in a short time.

Orange theory workout routine

A single class of orangetheory workout lasts for an hour. It is usually a 30 day challenge, but can easily vary person to person and based on their fitness goals. The class is divided into three exercises: treadmill, rowing and floor exercises.

1. Treadmill

Individuals mimic the outdoor experience of running or walking with variable speeds and timings. It is a part of aerobic strength training, which improves respiratory endurance.

2. Rowing

While imitating the real rowing experience, this workout incorporates 85% of your body’s muscles. It works on power, strength and endurance of muscles.

3. Floor exercises

You need to perform strength training exercises in this part of class, using benches, free weights, TRX straps and other gym equipment. It workouts the core muscles that strengthen our body.

Does orangetheory help in weight loss?

Weight loss-the most common motivation behind joining such workout routines. If we talk about orangetheory and look at the experiences of other people who’ve been following this workout for a long time, it is safe to say that orangetheory workout does help in weight loss. This is a no brainer. With all the high intensity workouts, motivation to achieve goals and a workout environment, push you to give your best to reach your goals in minimal time. These intense workouts burn calories and fats way faster than other basic exercises that we perform on a daily basis.

But, an interesting fact is that orangetheory founders and trainers do not want to consider this as an only way for weight loss. They have communicated to the people to consider it as an overall routine for a healthy lifestyle, which is more important than getting a skinny body. But, if you have some serious health issues due to extra weight of your body, you are always welcome to consider orangetheory as your first option.

Other benefits of orangetheory workout

Besides helping you live a fit and healthy lifestyle, while taking your extra fat out of your body-orangetheory workouts also offer some other benefits as well.

  • Cardiovascular endurance is achieved due to high-intensity workout
  • Improves the strength and builds muscles
  • Improves the agility and mobility of your body
  • Keep your energy levels high
  • Keep you happy and your mood swings in control


Orangetheory has gained a lot of popularity over the short period of time. It won’t be wrong to say that it happened due to their successful workout plan that literally works for almost everyone. It keeps you motivated and the workout routine doesn’t make you feel drained, rather energetic. And the cherry on the top, it can make you lose those extra pounds in a month or two. Our take is, orangetheory workouts are safe to perform unless you decide to overdo it.


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