Does rice make you gain weight

Does Rice Make you Gain Weight?

We mostly hear that if you want to cut some pounds, stop eating rice like it is the main culprit of weight gain. Is this a misconception or actually true? Does rice actually make you gain weight or not? Let’s just find out.

Does Eating Rice Causes Weight Gain?

No, rice does not make you gain weight unless you keep stuffing yourself with an excessive amount of rice. Rice being the most consumed staple food is a rich carbohydrate food that needs to be eaten in balanced portions. Every food when eaten in excess amounts causes unnecessary weight gain and not only rice. It is gluten-free, energy giving healthy staple food along with many other nutrients that are important for your health. The fiber in rice is good for the digestive process

There is a reason that rice is a staple food in many countries, and it is because of its exceptional nutritional value.

Serving Size and Nutritional Value of Rice

The Standard Serving Size of cooked rice is ½  cup. 

Nutritional Aspects per 100 gWhite RiceBrown Rice

So, rice does not make you gain weight. But what is this myth about eating white rice makes you fat while brown rice is a healthy option? Let us break this myth for you too.

But first, let us tell you the contrast between the two varieties of rice: White and Brown Rice

1: White Rice

White rice is the refined form of brown rice with the bran and germ removed through the milling process increasing the shelf life while most of the nutritional value is gone along with the fiber. A lot of vitamins especially B vitamins like 90% of B6 are also lost. It is also having a high glycemic index that can fastly raise the sugar level in the blood. Like any refined food, the overconsumption of white rice may lead to weight gain. So you should eat rice in balanced amounts and in controlled portions.

2: Brown Rice

Brown rice is a whole grain cereal with both bran and germ intact, retaining more nutrients and more fiber that is good for your digestive health. It is loaded with a bundle of antioxidants, essential vitamins like B vitamins and some minerals like manganese, selenium, zinc, and magnesium. It has a low glycemic index, which is suitable for diabetic people. High-fiber foods are good for weight management as they give the feeling of fullness and help against overeating.

Don’t they both look highly nutritious? But still which one is the better choice for fitness-conscious people?

White rice or Brown rice- Which is Preferable?

Both varieties of rice are rich in energy-dense carbohydrates. In comparison, brown rice is a whole grain and is a healthier option to consume in terms of nutritional value. Brown rice has natural nutrients and fiber intact that are healthy and beneficial for the human body. It contains 1-3 g more fiber than white rice and helps in weight management, controls blood sugar levels, and lowers cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular problems. Brown rice has a comparatively low glycemic index of 50 and can be eaten by people with diabetes as well.

Can I Eat Rice Without Getting Fat?

This is the most attention-seeking question and the answer is YES! You can eat rice without getting fat but the condition is to eat in balanced amounts and not in excessive quantities and it goes for everything, literally everything. It depends on the amount of rice you consume each day as per your body’s total energy needs. An adult can eat one serving of rice that is 100 grams/ ½  cup of cooked rice per day without getting fat. Boiled rice is preferable to other forms of rice that are cooked with any amount of oil in it.

Most people that want to eat rice and lose weight also can not eat rice alone. So they wonder what should they eat with rice that does not add up their pounds. Let’s find out some good eating options with rice that also maintains weight.

Healthy Options to Eat with Rice Without Getting Fat

There are many healthy options that you can opt to eat with rice. ½ cup cooked boiled rice can be paired with any favorite boiled veggies, boiled lean meat, grilled chicken with side veggies, or any lentil cooked without oil or a bowl of salad.

Not only you can eat rice without getting fat, but eating rice in a controlled amount can let you enjoy certain health benefits as well.

Health Benefits of Eating Rice

As mentioned above, eating rice in controlled portions provides you with health benefits as well:

  • It is easily digestible
  • Gluten-free
  • Energy dense
  • Low in fat, high in fiber, and a good source of essential vitamins and minerals especially folic acid, vitamin B, manganese, iron, and potassium (These are important for the maintenance of energy levels, brain function, cell health, and improving digestion and appetite. Fiber is important in weight management and lowering cholesterol levels)

So eating rice in balanced amounts is healthy for the human body and a good source of carbohydrate-rich energy.


Eating rice does not make you gain weight. The only thing that matters is the amount of rice you are eating. Rice is a healthy energy-dense food with many other nutrients that provides health benefits. If you are eating a balanced amount of rice in a meal. it will not cause any weight gain. It only depends on the quantity of what you eat. So, eating in moderation with controlled portion size with a bit of exercise will keep you in shape.


Can we eat rice and lose weight as well?

Yes, you can eat rice and lose weight as well by eating one serving of rice: ½ cup cooked rice with some healthy side items like boiled vegetables, boiled or grilled chicken, any lentil cooked without oil, etc.

How much rice should I eat in order to lose weight?

If you are on a weight loss plan then you should consume one to two servings of rice that is ½ cup (100 g) of cooked rice preferably boiled rice soaked well in water before cooking.

Can I eat rice without getting belly fat?

Yes, but you should prefer to eat brown rice rather than white rice because white rice is already a processed one that is quickly broken down, digested, and stored as fat. You can eat ½ cup of brown rice for this purpose.

How much rice should I eat in grams to maintain my weight?

In order to maintain your weight you should eat 100 grams of rice which are ½ cup of cooked rice.


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