How to lose body fat without cardio

How to Lose Body Fat Without Cardio

Body fat is hard to shed and makes us look less appealing while causing hundreds of health issues. Cardio is considered a first option while thinking about losing fat. But you don’t have to perform cardio at any cost to lose that stubborn fat. There are other ways too that can help you lose that fat. Let’s take a look.

What Is Body Fat?

While body fat refers to all kinds of fat stored in your body, here we will be talking about all the unnecessary fat stored in your body, that makes you obese. It adds up to your overall weight and also puts you at risk of serious health diseases. According to studies, the average amount of fat in a woman’s body shall be around 21-32%, while men should shave 8-19%. As the value of fat increases in your body, it gets hard to lose that fat over time.

How To Lose Body Fat Without Cardio?

So, cardio has been doing a great job in helping people lose their body fat in a short time and with minimal workout sessions. But some people think they are better off cardio. Instead, they prefer to look for alternatives that can help them shed their body fat. So, is that possible? Well, yes. Here are some of those methods that can help you lose body fat without cardio.

1. Keep Moving

The simplest thing you can do to lose some fat without getting into cardio is to keep moving. It does not necessarily need you to walk a mile. But it means that you shall not sit for a long time. You shall keep moving here and there, even if it’s in your home or you can go shopping. You can take a long route to walk home. All these small things matter while shedding body fat. 

2. Strength-Training

Muscle is essential, keep that in mind. That’s why whatever you do without building your muscles you’ll not be able to lose a significant amount of fat. If you want to lose fat, you need to build healthy muscle by performing strength-training exercises.

3. Watch Your Calorie Intake

Eating too much unhealthy food is what causes the storage of excess fat in our body in the first place. So, it would be better to start watching your calorie intake and keep your body in a calorie deficit, so your body can burn the fat. You don’t need to starve, but need to cut back on calories by a moderate amount.

4. Go On A Diet

If you think certain foods are hard to avoid, you can simply go on a diet for a time being. During that, you need to increase your protein intake and limit your fat and carb intake. Such eating patterns will help your body adopt healthy eating habits and burn fat simultaneously. Dieting can help lose body fat in a quick manner.

5. Avoid Processed Foods

All these processed foods and sugary drinks are surely the causes of fat accumulation in your body. Cutting back on processed foods and replacing them with unprocessed foods will surely make your body feel more healthy and will build a lean muscle mass, so, no space for fat.

6. Get A Better Sleep

Try getting better sleep if you want to lose some fat. You probably think it’s just a cliche, but it’s true. An adequate amount of sleep helps relax the muscles and does burn a lot of calories during sleep. It also keeps all the unnecessary hunger and cravings far away.

Is It Hard To Lose Body Fat Without Cardio?

It’s hard but not impossible. Cardio is a quick way of losing fat as it helps increase your heart rate and eventually burns most of the calories. But some studies do suggest that cardio is not that good in burning fat, but calories. So, it is safe to say that all the above-mentioned methods can get you to lose some fat in your body, even if you are missing out on cardio.


One can lose body fat without cardio by implementing healthy habits like watching calorie intake, eating unprocessed foods, getting better sleep, and adding strength training to their routine. All these factors need to be added into your life at a time to see quick results.


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