The Quick Ways to Do More Push-UPS

The Quick Ways To Do More Push-Ups

You might have heard the famous saying: The only push up you won’t be able to do is the one you never do.Push-ups are arguably the most classic and effective exercise requiring no money but providing significant results. Number of push-ups is one of the ways to judge the physical strength of a person. Several sports groups, armed forces and athletes keep push ups as a benchmark to consider a candidate fit for their program or not.

Push ups increase the resistance and growth of muscles, improves flexibility, posture and sense of balance. The average number of push ups one can perform in a go usually varies according to one’s age. From old people to teenagers, it ranges from 5 to 20 pushups in one setting, respectively. But, you might want to increase your average push up count, to be more fit or to be a part of any competition. It’s then when you ask yourself how do I increase my push ups? We’ll tell you how.

Push-Up Technique. Do it right!

You first need to understand your level; if you are a beginner or a pro. You need to clearly state your goal behind increasing your push up count to stay motivated. Secondly, you need to listen to your body’s needs. If your body is in an optimal state to perform more pushups or are you just pushing yourself too hard to do it. As it is a known fact that push ups are fundamental to all upper body pushing exercises. It involves creating mind-muscle connection to engage more of your muscles and incorporating perfect body alignment in which you need to be in tabletop position and settle yourself in a straight line from heels all the way up to your chin. If you are in the right alignment, your body should feel full body contractions, and your grip on the floor should be strong with hips being aligned neither too high nor too low from the ground. Once you’ve found the right position for your push ups, now you are ready to create a routine that’ll increase your strength and number of push ups.

Let’s create a push-up routine

Strengthening your muscles and building stamina before upgrading your exercise routine is always a good idea. You can first include basic cardio exercises to improve your strength. After setting a proper push-up technique, now you are all set to upgrade the count.

Mark your baseline

You must be doing push ups before if you’ve been looking to do more. In that case you might know the maximum number of pushups you can perform in one round. If you are a beginner, then try doing as many push ups as you can in one round and record the time it took you to do so. This will help you in setting your goal and to keep followup on your results, later on.

Increase the number gradually

You need to do push-ups every other day of the week. After performing your basic workout routine, take rest and then repeat another set of it. Except for this time, try doing one extra push up. Keep adding these extra push-ups until you feel exhausted. This will keep making your muscles familiar with your changing routine.

Evaluation is mandatory

After every two weeks, try to optimize your condition by comparing it with your initial marked baseline. If you would be following the right technique for yourself, you would observe the striking difference between your initial and current condition. And if not, then there is always room for improvement; you can try changing your position or whole technique to suit your needs.

Variations in technique

Adding a variety of techniques to perform push ups will keep you motivated. You might consider changing hand replacement while doing repeats. Starting a repeat with a narrowing hand and expanding it at maximum pace until the end of the set. Along with variation in hand movements, you can also try changing your body position to enhance the intensity of the workout. To do so, try doing decline push ups, in which you need to elevate your feet or plyometric pushups could be a good option as well, clapping your hand in between repeats.

Rest before next sets

Taking rest after every round will eventually allow you to perform better and regain your energy.

Be consistent

Consistency is the key. Keep following the routine without getting demotivated, and you’ll reap the benefits quickly.


Push ups are said to be an easy, economical, and classical physical activity that anyone can incorporate into their daily life. But mastering this activity requires quality over quantity. Doing less push ups but employing your whole strength is much better rather than doing numerous sluggish pushups. And if you are committed to doing so, you just need to get up and practice more and more. The only tip is to keep your body in perfect alignment and rest in between the sets. In this case, we strongly agree with Gary Vaynerchuk’s saying, “You can’t read about push ups. You gotta do them.”


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