Why Can't We Cancel A Membership With Anytime Fitness

Why Can’t I Cancel A Membership With Anytime Fitness?

Fitness is not just a choice, it’s a way of living that people must adopt to have a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to health-conscious people and fitness enthusiasts Anytime Fitness comes first to cater to their needs. 

With health clubs in over 50 countries, Anytime Fitness offers various health and fitness facilities to thousands worldwide. It is known for offering a comfortable workout environment, affordable membership, and 24/7 accessibility to its members which makes it a pioneer in the fitness industry.

Why Can’t I cancel a Membership with Anytime Fitness?

Despite facilitating its members with excellent services some individuals cancel their membership over time. Along with its extensive list of terms and conditions, Anytime Fitness has its own cancellation policies that have to be followed if you want to get your membership canceled.

There can be numerous reasons behind membership cancelation such as health complexities, relocation, bankruptcy/financial issues, dissatisfaction, and many others. Therefore to cater to each situation Anytime Fitness operates differently to facilitate the requirements of its people. 

The reason why you cannot cancel your membership is maybe you haven’t read your agreement properly and followed the right terms and conditions to execute your cancelation process. Hence It is mandatory to fully understand and follow them to experience a smooth cancelation process. 

Similarly, to help you in this process the below section will walk you through the ways to cancel membership with Anytime Fitness membership.

How to Cancel A Membership With Anytime Fitness?

The Anytime Fitness’s health clubs are located at different locations and are independently owned, therefore there is a different cancellation policy for each region. So to continue with your membership cancellation process you need to review the policies of your particular area and complete the process accordingly. 

By following the below steps you can cancel your membership with Anytime Fitness:

Step 1: Understand the Membership Contract

Before diving into the cancellation process, it is essential to carefully understand the membership contract to know all the terms and conditions regarding calling off the Anytime Fitness membership in your particular region. 

Clause 10 of the membership contract includes all the terms and conditions regarding the cancellation process, understand them, and carry out the process accordingly.

Step 2: Contact Customer Service 

After reviewing the cancellation policies, there are three recommended ways to reach out the customer service: 

  • By In-person visit
  • By Email
  • By Post 

Method 1: By In-person Visit

One way to initiate the membership cancelation with Anytime Fitness is by paying a visit to your nearest home club. Tell the customer service representative about your plan to cancel the membership.  

A few documentation will be required i.e. filling out the membership cancelation form. 

Along with the cancelation form attach any proof required by the club such as a medical report, proof of bankruptcy, or relocation documents.

Method 2: By Email

If you cannot pay for an in-person visit, you can drop the membership cancellation request via email. The email must include your name, DOB, membership ID, address, the reason behind the cancellation, and in words cancellation request along with the proof required by the club.

Method 3: By Post:

The other option you can choose is sending a membership cancellation request by post. The post must include your name, DOB, membership ID, address, the reason behind the cancellation, a written cancellation request, and proof required by the club.

Step 3: Submit Membership Cancellation Charges

Once you have chosen your preferred method, submit the cancellation fee to proceed with your application. Normally the cancellation fee is 50% of your remaining balance, you should contact your home club for the required amount. Along with the cancelation fee pay any due charges if applicable. 

In some cases, cancellation fee is not applicable such as medical complexity, bankruptcy, changes in terms and conditions, and relocation (conditional). Note that failure to deposit the charges may impede the membership cancelation process.

Step 4: Serve Notice Period

There is a notice period of 30 days. You must make a request at least 30 prior to the end of your membership or else the membership will continue for 30 days before it expires.  

Notice-Period may not be applicable on certain conditions such as change in terms and conditions or bankruptcy. 

Step 5: Verify Cancellation 

Once you have completed all the requirements you will receive a verification email about the cancellation of your membership. Verification will take some time as the minimum cancellation process time is 30 days.

Step 6: Return all possessions 

Return all the possessions including Access permits and membership cards to complete the cancelation process.

The table below illustrates a few scenarios of canceling the membership with Anytime Fitness:

ScenarioTerms & ConditionsExplanation
Medical Complexity A medical certificate is required. In terms of medical complexity, no cancelation fee will be charged, also the member may not have to serve the notice period.
Relocation Relocation proof is required.In terms of relocation, 30 days notice period has to be served but a cancelation fee will not be charged.
BankruptcyFinancial documents requiredIn case of bankruptcy, the member has to immediately inform the club and ask them for membership cancelation. The cancellation fee and notice period are not applicable under this condition.
Fixed-term AgreementNo action is required.In the case of a fixed-term agreement the membership will be terminated after the term has ended, no cancelation fee or notice period is applicable.  
On-going Agreement A cancelation fee and notice period are applicableIn the case of an ongoing agreement, the membership can be canceled anytime by paying a cancelation fee and serving a 30-day notice period.


Anytime Fitness offers a membership cancellation option to its members if they want to end their term with them under certain conditions to help its members experience a smooth membership cancelation. Sometimes the members may face problems in the cancellation process due to a lack of understanding of the cancellation process. 

Canceling membership at Anytime Fitness is a very easy but thorough process. The process is initiated by reaching out to your home club through an in-person visit, by email, or by post. The gym may require additional documents, a cancelation fee, and a prior notice period based on the reason for canceling the membership.


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