Kickboxing vs boxing

Kickboxing vs boxing

Boxing and kickboxing are not so dissimilar but do share a lot of similarities. It’s just their techniques and usage that set them apart. Both combat sports are used to win fights and promote health benefits. But both also pose some serious risks to health. Let’s find out which one is more efficient, boxing or kickboxing.

What Is Kickboxing?

In general, kickboxing is defined as a sport that is a blend of traditional martial arts and elements of karate. Its major focus is on kicking and punching freely. Over the years its importance has increased and it is not only a sport or means of fighting but is also practiced at large as an intense exercise. It is a kind of aerobic workout that sweats out fat and boosts the energy levels of the body.

What Is Boxing?

Being started as a combat sport, boxing is now practiced as a worldwide sport. In boxing, two people come face to face to bring down the other using only their fists, equipped with padded gloves. Since it has been practiced as a sport, it happens only in closed rings. Boxing is also used as a fitness routine by many people, both at home and at gyms.

Kickboxing Vs Boxing

TechniquesAll kinds of kicks and punches allowedCalculated punches, defense strategies
EquipmentNo shoes, less gearLightweight shoes, more gear
FootworkSophisticated footwork to throw punchesNot so calculated footwork as legs are used as a weapon as well
StanceFacilitating kick defense, protecting the front footFacilitating punch defense, relying more on front foot
Health benefitsReduce stress, improve confidence, burn caloriesImprove heart health, whole-body strength, build muscles
Health RisksStrains in shoulders, neck, knees, hips; injuriesFacial and brain injuries
EfficiencyMore efficient workout than boxingLess efficient in terms of fighting

Kickboxing Or Boxing- Which One Is Better For Self-Defense?

Though boxing is great for the improvement of overall health, kickboxing is better when it comes to self-defense. Because during boxing, a person can only shoot a few punches but in kickboxing, a person usually has a longer range and focuses more on lower body movements, which can be useful for self-defense.

Kickboxing Or Boxing- Which One Is Better For Street Fighting?

The idea of kickboxing and its technique speaks for itself in that it suits perfectly a street fighting. Kickboxing allows a person not only to punch but to use their kicks and knee strikes as well to take down their opponent.

Kickboxing Or Boxing- Which One Is Better?

Its answer could vary depending upon their use for certain reasons. However, if we look at the technique, footwork, and stance; kickboxing wins. As it offers a variety of range of motion than boxing.

The Final Word

Kickboxing takes the win over boxing due to its wide-ranged techniques. But boxing is more beneficial when it comes to health benefits. However, one can only decide if they want to opt for boxing or kickboxing after listing out their goals.


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