15 Benefits of beauty sleep

15 Benefits of beauty sleep

For centuries, the concept of beauty sleep has been around. It was believed that after certain hours of sleep, a person wakes up looking beautiful and fresh. Though there was no scientific explanation of it back in old times, over time it got attention and scientists explained how beauty sleep works for that glow and why it is important. Let’s unveil the secret benefits of beauty sleep.

What Is Beauty Sleep?

A perfect blend of both good quality and quantity of sleep is what makes beauty sleep. It used to sound like a myth but it is not; instead day by day there is more scientific evidence to back its benefits.

So, how does this beauty sleep work? Well, it is an established fact that we need an adequate amount of sleep for our bodies to perform better. Similar is the case with our skin. When we take a good sleep, the cells in our body get the chance to heal and grow (due to all growth hormones kicking in), eventually returning our skin to its original beauty.

15 Benefits Of Beauty Sleep

Contrary to popular belief that beauty sleep is only essential for good and healthier skin, there are multiple benefits of beauty sleep that have been revealed by researchers around the globe. Let’s take a look at those benefits.

1. Goodbye To Puffiness

To protect your beauty, you definitely need to get rid of any sort of puffiness around your eyes or on the face. Sleeping with an elevated head prevents any sort of fluid to build around your eyes, thus no puffiness.

2. Brighter Eyes

Though recent studies have been linking that sleep deprivation is not only the reason behind dark circles and dull eyes- sleep does play a major role in it. To make your eyes look brighter and free of dark circles, it is necessary that you take enough sleep.

3. Lower Chances Of Acne

Along with oily skin, hormones play a major role in causing acne. When we take enough sleep, the hormones in our body stay in balance and keep the stress level low as well. Eventually, lowering the chances of acne.

4. Fewer Breakouts

According to scientific studies, breakouts are common in people who have a small sleep cycle. Such people feel fatigued when they wake up and stress is a major factor behind such breakouts. That’s why beauty sleep is essential to limit the number of breakouts.

5. Natural Glow

As you rest your head on the pillow, your body starts doing its work. The blood flow in your body starts getting better. That’s why, when you wake up in the morning, you observe that your skin is glowing and feels fresh.

6. Healthy From Head To Toe

Not only skin, but a good sleep helps in better hydration and moisturization-our nails and hair also get better. Healthy sleep is also crucial for the production of prolactin and melatonin, which are necessary for the improvement of good bacteria in our gut to improve digestion and manage stomach problems. Fewer tummy issues mean less acne and breakouts as well.

7. Helps Absorb Nutrients

The nutrients consumed throughout the day get absorbed in our bodies. That’s why, night creams are made full of essential components needed for skin repair and glow-with a good sleep, all those nutrients get distributed in our skin cells by our body.

8. Healthier And More Beautiful Complexion

Sleeping plays an important part in the production of all the necessary proteins needed for maintaining attractive and glowy skin. The sun damage that happened during the day also gets healed when we sleep.

9. Maintain Skin’s Health

Without a doubt, quality sleep performs restorative and repairing activities over the night- eventually maintaining the skin’s health. The required production of collagen during our sleep prevents sagging.

10. Helps Tone Your Body

It might sound a cliche, but it’s true. When our body gets that beauty sleep, it automatically turns on all the good switches, meaning toning your body to its best. Though this cannot be done alone with sleep, an adequate amount of exercise is also necessary to pair with it.

11. Increase Body Height

Yes. The regeneration of cells happens when we give our body enough rest. The growth of cells results in an increase in body height. However, it only happens for people who are still in their growth phase.

12. Heals Skin Faster

Our skin gets regenerated and rejuvenated when we sleep for a good time. During the sleep process, all the cells take enough time to ensure the best healing process which allows the skin damage to get repaired.

13. Maintains Healthy Weight

Well, yes. Good sleep is a recipe for maintaining a healthy weight. When bedtime is set, we tend to feel less hungry and thus eat fewer calories which allow us to maintain a healthy weight. If you are on a certain diet plan, a daily dose of beauty sleep is mandatory for you to maintain your weight.

14. Makes You Look Younger

It has been proven that quality sleep acts as a natural anti-aging. When we sleep, our body absorbs its natural moisturizer and other nutrients which keep our skin wrinkle-free and make us look younger. It also boosts the production of elastin and collagen, which prevent fine lines.

15. Better Mood-More Confident

It is a no-brainer that when you feel better, you look better and work better. A dose of quality sleep ensures that your hormones are in check and are not trying to ruin your day by affecting your mood.

The Final Word

It’s insane to know that all the above-mentioned benefits can happen overnight, the only condition is quality sleep every day. Bringing back that gone glow from your skin to helping your body perform better is what beauty sleep does. And for sure, we all are in for such sleep keeping in view its benefits.


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