What Are The Three Keys To Good Health?

What Are The Three Keys To Good Health?

Would you like to live a good and healthy life? Believe me, we all want to say Aye to it. There isn’t a single person in this world who wouldn’t want good health, a fit body, a stress-free mind, and a happy mood. But our lives have been entangled in so many things that the idea of good health feels like a dream. However, this dream definitely has a way to be fulfilled, with just three magic keys. Wanna know? Come with us and see for yourself how just three things can guarantee you good health.

Three Keys To Good Health

But first, what exactly is good health?

The idea of good health has taken many shapes over the years according to people’s thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives. Quite a majority of people associate good health with a perfectly shaped body and glowing skin. But what’s perfect for one might not be for the other, right? Every human body is different and works differently. So what exactly is good health?

Good health means your body is in its optimal condition which means you are doing well physically, mentally, and socially. Your body is free of any sort of mental or physical illness and you feel good about yourself. This does not mean you need to get slimmer to get there, even people with a healthy body are also considered in good shape as long as they are checking the boxes of good health requirements. And what are those requirements?

What are the three keys to good health?

Now coming to the main point, those three magic keys to the good health are:

  • A physical activity
  • A healthy and balanced diet
  • A sound sleep

Quite simple, right? You just have to move, eat and sleep, sounds like a plan. But many people fail to do so due to various personal reasons or simply due to laziness. Let’s take a look at each key and how it contributes to your good health.

1: A physical activity

Do you remember? The essay on the importance of exercise and physical activity was something that we had to write from very early grades. Why? It was meant to instill the importance of physical activity in us, so we never try to skip it from our lives. That’s how important being active is for our health.

Physical activity is crucial for our muscles and joints to work properly and their proper growth as well. You just need to add exercise to your daily routine even if for 20-30 minutes. If you cannot do that due to your office or school routine, you can always take a small walk to your school or you can stretch your legs under your office desk. The idea is not to sit for a long time, as it reduces the blood circulation and can cause serious health problems.

Even your daily house chores can be counted as a physical activity as long as it requires you to move and stretch your body. The regular physical activity ensures good health by managing your weight, keeping your heart and other organs’ health in check, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, and improving mood and mental health.

2: A healthy and balanced diet

Food is something that is hard to ignore. All the variations in food items and the cravings we get for such foods make it hard for us to have a healthy and balanced diet. Even our busy routine makes us skip our meals and we keep on munching on unhealthy snacks to control our hunger.

Food is essential for our body to function properly and it’s the healthy food that provides energy for our daily physical activities. A balanced meal is recommended as it includes all the essential nutrients that are imperative for our proper growth, muscle repair, and better health. Instead of eating randomly, you should be educated enough to know how much calorie intake is required for your body. Calorie demand according to the body’s needs can easily be calculated through online tools.

All these calories need to be consumed via balanced meals which include an adequate amount of carbs, proteins, fats, and sugar. Your meals should have fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy items. All these items can be consumed alternatively over meals to break the monotony of the diet. This healthy eating eventually results in good health by reducing the risk of diseases, providing an adequate amount of energy to get through the day, improving mood, and increasing vigor.

3: A sound sleep

Philosophy might have something else to say about good and long sleep, but good health can only be achieved with sound sleep as its third strong pillar. A sound sleep should not be mistaken for a very long sleep, but it’s about the quality of sleep for a certain time. Sleeping well for 6 to 8 hours is enough to be considered a sound sleep for an adult person.

After a long day, we just need a sleep to relax and end the exhaustion and stress. Our bodies also need this sleep to take a break, refill the energy tank, heal, and prepare for the next day. A goodnight’s sleep is mandatory to build a strong mind-body connection. During our sleep, our body secretes hormones that regulate the appetite and metabolism of the body. If we can’t get enough sleep, these mechanisms are not worked out properly, which makes us feel false hunger pangs and leads to health problems like obesity and diabetes.

A sound sleep is the guarantee of good health as it works wonders for both physical and mental health. It is essential to treat chronic stress and other mental health-related issues. Studies have also reported its role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, as people who take sleep seriously usually have controlled levels of blood pressure and are less prone to heart strokes.

Can you skip one?

No way. All these three factors are interlinked. More physical activity improves metabolism which leads to the consumption of healthy food. Healthy food calms the nerves and promotes better sleep. Better sleep results in relaxed muscles that work best to perform daily workouts. Noticing the pattern? These three factors are related to each other, and even if one is missing, the cycle of good health breaks as well.

The final word

Nothing is free in this world and to even get good health, you need to invest your time, energy, and healthy habits to make that happen. You got your hands on three magic keys so try to adapt them as much as you can. Try to stay active, eat balanced meals and take a proper goodnight’s sleep and be sure that you’ll get that good health soon enough.


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