Top 5 Resistance Band Exercises For The Beginners

Top 5 Resistance Band Exercises For The Beginners

Strengthening, gaining muscle mass, and increasing resistance in the muscles are some of the major goals behind major workout regimes. Quite a number of exercises have been dedicated to target specific goals. Resistance band exercises are the ones that put our muscles into a workout routine where the muscles get more resistant and help in achieving the bigger goals. If you are a beginner at these exercises and don’t know which exercises to opt for; this article is for you. It will enlist the best resistance band exercises a beginner will need. Let’s dive in.

What are resistance band exercises?

Resistance band exercises are the ones performed using resistance stretchable bands. These bands are made of elastic and are used by people to work out all the areas of the body that might get neglected during other high-intensity workouts. People with limited mobility can also perform these exercises easily without hurting or straining themselves. These exercises create resistance in our body muscles, which helps in better athletic and physical performance. People who have careers in dancing, also prefer to perform resistance band exercises, as it improves their mobility and balance.

Benefits of resistance band exercises

Along with increasing resistance in the muscles, resistance band exercises also offer tempting benefits, which draw people to opt for them:

  • Joint-friendly exercises
  • Improves the overall physical strength of the body
  • Improves the posture of the body
  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Improves coordination and balance
  • Improves mood swings and enhances mental health
  • Improves bone strength
  • Helps in muscle building without getting bulky
  • Are travel-friendly exercises
  • Offer a great deal of variety
  • Easy and cheap on the pocket
  • Works for all kinds of fitness levels

Work equipment

For these basic exercises, you just need a resistance band, easily available on the market. If you want to add variation in your exercise technique, then you can also add different-sized bands to your collection. These bands could be:

  • Short bands
  • Long bands
  • Therabands
  • Bands with handles

Best resistance band exercises for the beginners

A start to something new should always be slow. That’s why these simple yet effective exercises are recommended for beginners who wish to gain the benefits from resistance band exercises.

1. Banded Squats

This exercise requires a light resistance band. Take a band and put it just above your ankles, around your legs, and perform side squats. Move your one leg away in a horizontal manner while keeping the other in a similar straight position and squat. This will create resistance in the glutes.

2. Standing adduction

Take a long resistance band and tie it with a stable chair or table, at an ankle height. Put your foot on the other end of the band and wrap it right above your ankle. Now move away from the anchor point of the band to create tension in your muscles. Move your right leg towards the left leg or vice versa and then return to the initial position. This exercise will work out your inner thigh, groin, and hip muscles.

3. Standing bicep curls

Place yourself in a standard workout position (your feet shoulder-width apart and body straight). Place the center of the band right beneath your feet and hold the handles of the bands with both of your hands. Now start moving your arms up to your shoulder and then down while stretching the band. Perform around 10-15 curls in a go and then take a break before performing another set.

4. Band pull-apart

Use a small or long resistance band based on your comfort level for the beginning of this exercise. Now, keep a band close to your chest, while holding it with both hands. Now start pulling your arms apart while stretching and then squeezing your shoulder muscles. Slowly get back to the starting position to repeat the step.

5. Banded chest press

Take a band and wrap it around a stable pole while holding both handles in your hands, bringing them from the backside of your body and keeping them in line with the chest. Step forward while stretching the band, until you feel resistance. Now push your hands in the forward direction, until your arms are extended to their limits. Now slowly return back to your starting position and repeat as much as you can and then take a rest.

Safety tips

Before jumping right into the resistance band exercise routine, you should keep in mind the following safety tips.

  • Before starting out on an extra workout, test your current resistance level by performing basic band exercises in a go 5-10 times. It’ll let you calculate your resistance level.
  • Always watch your form and keep yourself in the right position according to the certain exercise
  • Start slowly and when you are comfortable with the exercise, only then sweat it out
  • Keep experimenting with your resistance band to enjoy more benefits and great results


Resistance band exercises provide a great deal of resistance and strength to your muscles. For beginners, it might sound a little difficult at first, but once you dive into it, you’ll enjoy the ease of these exercises with proven results. The condition is to start slowly, remain consistent with your routine and keep trying new things-you might surprise yourself with the level of variation in resistance band exercises that you can handle and achieve results with.


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