What Is A Fave Food Ritual Diet

What Is A Fave Food Ritual Diet?

You have to agree that most of our favorite food items are usually unhealthy. That’s why most diet plans strictly recommend avoiding such sorts of foods. This restrictive nature of diets makes it hard for us to follow that diet plan. What if you never have to miss your favorite foods while on diet? Wanna get in on this secret? Let the fave food diet be your fitness partner.

What is a fave food ritual diet?

Honestly speaking, it’s not a diet plan; but an idea of how you can get fit while munching on your favorite food items. This diet has been established to keep the food rituals alive as well, which can be unhealthy for many reasons but no one wants to skip them due to the attachment. There were some claims that these rituals help in weight loss, but most of them just have been followed as a societal norm or out of habit. However, some food rituals do provide health benefits like drinking water with lemon, first thing in the morning.

Examples of such fave food rituals around the globe

Some of the food rituals are followed under religious obligations but most of them are followed merely for pleasure or self-satisfaction. Here are some examples of such rituals.

  • Like waiting for an ice cream vendor, every day in front of your school or on your street.
  • Having candies from Santa Claus or leaving parts of food for the Santa
  • Drinking lukewarm water as a first drink in the morning, in China
  • Having a pizza to celebrate anything in the USA
  • Having yogurt with sugar before starting any new work in India
  • Consuming sweet dishes first thing in the morning on the occasion of Eid in Muslim countries
  • Jews enjoy Shabbat dinner every Friday evening of the year by eating bread, wine, and lots of meat
  • Having seaweed soup on birthdays in South Korea

How does your fave food ritual diet help in weight loss?

Eating pizza, having ice cream, and drinking sodas; doesn’t really sound like a plan for weight loss. But that’s what makes the fave food ritual diet different from other diets. It does not tell you to stop having your favorite foods but does tell you to follow some basic tips while having those snacks, so you can lose weight while munching. Here are those tips and tricks.

1: You need to stop using excess oils in your snacks. Air frying your snacks can be a good alternative to fried foods. If you don’t like simple food, you can always top it up with extra spices and other food items, there isn’t any limit to it.

2: If you are a fruit lover, it is suggested that you should consume only fiber-rich fruits and vegetables and should limit the intake of starchy fruits and veggies. Because fiber will keep you full for a long time, will detox your body, and will boost your metabolism as well. So you can still have your fave fruits, but with few modifications.

3: Another tip is to drink lots of water on a daily basis. Make it your habit to drink as much water as you can to flush out the toxins from your body and improve your blood circulation.

4: Eating fave foods doesn’t mean you don’t need to work out. Basic exercises like walking, and yoga can also be added to your routine to improve your metabolism.

5: Stop stressing about your physical appearance or your eating habits. Stress will only make it worse by increasing weight gain. Practicing some meditation can help you achieve a stress-free mental state.

6: Last but the most important tip is a secret recipe that’ll speed up your weight loss process by making your body burn fat faster. You just have to consume 2 tablespoons of vinegar, dissolved in pure water. This vinegar water is the magic that’ll let you enjoy your fave foods and will give weight loss results as well.

Any potential side effects?

Any diet can backfire if not followed wholeheartedly. If you will skip the tips of the fave food ritual diet, you’ll have to miss your food rituals for a very long time due to certain symptoms like headaches, nausea, and restless feeling.

Even though these tips and tricks can work in your favor, healthy eating and regular physical activity are always a good idea. While you can still have your fave foods, making healthy choices among them can make a huge difference in your physical fitness.


The idea of a fave food ritual diet is quite young and still needs a lot of modifications and deeper study. However, the simple tips and tricks it offers while not restricting a single favorite food of yours is definitely an achievement. But if you think switching to healthy eating can help you more with your physical fitness, you are always welcome to try it.


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