10 Mistakes Super Skinny People Make to Look Bigger

10 Mistakes Super Skinny People Make to Look Bigger

While the ongoing trend is to look at as much skin as possible, there still are people who would do anything to get some mass on their bodies. Skinny people tend to do lots of exercises or follow diet programs to look bulkier, but the saddest part is that not everything works in their favor. In the process of becoming bigger, they make mistakes that can easily be avoided. Let’s see what mistakes super skinny people make while trying to look bulky.

10 mistakes super skinny people make to look bigger

If you are someone super skinny, you might be familiar with the mistakes we are going to list here. If it is so, then keep in mind that they are not helping you look bigger but rather draining out your energy and giving you false hope of getting big.

1: Do not get familiar with their body

The very first mistake is without getting familiarized with their body, skinny people start certain diets or workout programs. It is highly important that you get to know your body first. You should know what’s making you skinny and why? There could be many reasons like you might not be eating enough, or you have any medical condition, etc. Keeping in mind all these factors that could be affecting your body, you need to lay out your future plan.

2: Set unrealistic goals

The second common mistake is to set unrealistic goals of getting bulkier. People give themselves a deadline of becoming bulkier on certain days or weeks, which puts a lot of pressure on their mental and physical health. You need to keep in mind that everybody is different, that’s why what worked for someone else in a month might work for you in a year. It’s all about person-to-person needs. Always set realistic goals that you can achieve slowly and steadily.

3: Improper Diet

What could be more important than dieting patterns to become bulky or to become skinny? Diet is a major deciding factor when it comes to body shapes. Skinny people make the mistake that they eat whatever comes at them, including supplements, junk, or other unhealthy food. They do not take the idea of calorie count seriously. Though supplements are good to boost your growth, by no means they are sufficient for healthy food. Rather than munching on junk and every other food, even skinny people need to follow a proper diet plan which includes all major nutrients and which could fulfill their daily caloric needs.

4: Working out without a plan

So another popular idea of getting bigger is associated with performing exercises that could enhance muscle mass. Well, that’s a great plan. But people make mistakes that they start working out without making a plan. They just one day decide to join a gym and perform all sorts of heavy workouts which could improve their build. That really backfires. It is necessary to take professional help before starting these sorts of workouts, especially when you are super skinny and want to grow a lot of muscles. Devising a plan to work out in parts is something skinny people should consider before hitting the gym.

5: Not working out enough

Once skinny people join the gym, they get to know all sorts of exercises which could be a game-changer for them. So they start doing it all one by one. Wait, that’s so wrong. Each and every exercise need to be done multiple times to get the benefits out of it. You cannot just do some arm exercises and then some leg exercises and expect that you’ll grow muscles in a day. No. You need to plan out to give adequate time to each and every workout that is important for you.

6: Hustling workouts

Other than not working enough, people also make the mistake of doing their workouts in a hustle. Why? They think that trying out everything at a time will give them that large build they have been dreaming so long for. But how is that possible when your muscles are not exercised enough? A dedicated time is to be spent on each and every workout to see the difference.

7: Poor at consistency

It’s easy to start a routine but continuing it for a long long time solely depends on someone’s consistent behavior. Many people are not good at being consistent which cost them their efforts. That’s because they start a workout, then they get tired or get bored out of it and jump to the other workout. That hopping behavior of them cost them their time and energy but without any solid outcome.

8: Fail to make it a priority

To become successful at anything, making it a priority is essential. If you need to get bulkier you need to make that a priority of yours at any cost. You need to keep all of your plans aside and shall only focus on increasing your muscle mass and overall growth.

9: Trying to overdo it

Do not make the mistake of overdoing your workout or diet routine. Trust me. It never helps. Things always work out when performed in balance. Once the balance is gone, so are the results. Try to keep a healthy balance, no matter if you are an exercise person or a foody- balance is mandatory.

10: Not taking enough sleep

So not sleeping enough is also a mistake? Well, yes. Sleep is crucial for our body to get recovered after a high-intensity workout. When we sleep, our body put our muscles at rest, preparing them to work out better the next day. So, if you miss out on your sleep, you’ll also miss out on your dream of getting bulkier.

What can super skinny people do to become bigger?

Well, the first thing would be to avoid all the mistakes mentioned above and then follow these tips to become bulkier.

  • Eat nutritious food which not only fulfills the nutritional requirements but also provides the required amount of calories per day
  • Start slowly with your workout routine. Over time, add high-intensity workouts, that too after consulting with your personal trainer.
  • Take proper sleep and keep yourself hydrated
  • Make your aim your priority and stay consistent about it. Never skip a healthy meal or a daily workout, except for health conditions.

The final word

Skinny people try looking bigger by overdoing their exercises, eating unhealthy food, or setting unrealistic goals which are big mistakes. If they really want to get bulkier, they need to skip all these mistakes and try adopting a healthy lifestyle that could make them bigger and better in no time.


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