What Is Post-Workout? Everything You Need To Know

What Is Post-Workout? Everything You Need To Know

A regular workout routine is really important for a healthy lifestyle. It can be divided into three different phases. All phases are equally important and should be given importance to get the desired results of exercising without draining your body out of energy. Let’s discuss what this post-workout means and includes.

What is Post-Workout?

Post-workout means the time after the workout. As post means after and workout means exercise. So, it is the time after you have done your exercise. Post-workout is basically the routine you follow after you have completed your workout session and it helps in muscle recovery and muscle building.

When you do your workout, the recovery phase post-workout is crucial in terms of regaining your hydration, energy, and nutrition.

What Should I Do Post-Workout?

When you work out, your muscles get somehow depleted of glycogen and some of the muscle proteins are also broken down. Moreover, when you work out, your body sweats a lot, so, it is necessary to rehydrate. After a workout, the body rebuilds the depleted glycogen stores and broken muscle protein.

It is important to properly relax and cool down after a workout. The post-workout fuel is needed to regain all the energy lost during the session. You should refuel by consuming carbohydrates, proteins, or other energy drinks after your workout within 60 minutes of completing it. In short, you need to relax, hydrate and eat post-workout.

Why Should I Drink Water Post-Workout?

Drinking water post-workout is essential. Many people end their workout session slightly dehydrated and drinking water after finishing the workout is important to replenish the fluid loss during the exercise.

If you do not drink water post-workout, you might experience dehydration with side effects such as dizziness, nausea, and sometimes headache. So, it is why you should drink water post-workout for rehydration and to function properly.

In addition to drinking water and regaining your hydration, it is important to eat to refuel your body post-workout as well

How Soon I Should Eat Post-Workout?

The best time to eat and start refueling starts soon after the exercise ends. You should eat within 1 hour after the exercise. This is because glycogen storage is the fastest during this time duration. Eating carbohydrates at this time will speed the glycogen recovery and help you regain all the energy you have lost during the workout process.

Let’s discuss the post-workout needs of the body in terms of nutrition.

What Should I Eat Post-Workout?

You need to eat carbohydrates and protein along with water. It is important to eat 3.6-5.5 g of carbs per kg of body weight every day helps in maximizing glycogen stores. For faster glycogen recovery, you can consume 0.4g of carbs and 0.1-0.2 g of protein per lb. of body weight every hour in the recovery phase.


Post-workout means the time after the workout. It is the time span when you have completed your workout session and now are in the recovery phase. This post-workout time duration is important for rehydrating and refueling your body with all the fluid and energy lost during the workout session. You need to drink water or any energy drink for rehydrating your body along with carbohydrates and proteins for speedy glycogen recovery and broken muscle protein. So, post-workout is an essential recovery phase after the exercise.


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