15 Tips for guaranteed weight gain

15 Tips for guaranteed weight gain

When someone decides to lose weight, they come across multiple guidelines telling them they should skip this and that to get there. But when it comes to gaining weight, there is this huge misconception that if you want to gain weight, just eating lots and lots of food is the only way. Though, eating does help in this regard, however mindless eating? Not helpful at all.


To giv your body some curves, give this article a read in which we will share some guaranteed tips to help you gain weight.

15 Tips For Guaranteed Weight Gain

A significant number of people in the world suffer from various health issues that leave them with less or no body fat at all. This makes them concerned about their overall physical appearance and they get busy improving that appearance by trying to gain weight. Or even some medical procedures require you to have a certain amount of weight which can push you to do better in the weight department.

Here are the top 15 tips that can get the needle of the scale machine up for sure.

1: Have A Protein-Rich Diet

Proteins are considered the best source when it comes to either weight gain or weight loss. Protein-rich foods provide enough amount of calories as well as nutrition to sustain a healthy weight gain. It let your body build healthy lean muscles, making you bulkier. Nuts, eggs, fish, and dairy products can be used to gain more protein.

2: Add More Carbs And Healthy Fat

High carbs and fats play an essential role during the weight gain process. They get stored in your muscles to add more mass to them. Sweet potatoes, dark chocolate, bananas, cheese, and oats can be consumed to enjoy high carbs and healthy fats.

3: Increase The Calorie Consumption

The simplest thing you can do to gain weight in a healthy manner is by consuming more calories than you burn a day. Consuming more calories means more food can be stored in your body to make you healthy.

4: Make Sure To Drink Milk

Almost all dairy products are advised to be consumed during the weight gain process but milk is the most important one. Drinking full-fat milk, a glass, every day will add some extra pounds to your weight.

5: Have Energy-Rich Foods

Your body needs the energy to perform daily-life activities, and that energy can be gained by having energy-dense foods like peanuts, almonds, cheese, veggies, nuts, dried fruits, and many others. While trying to gain weight, increasing the amount of energy-rich foods can be helpful.

6: Perform Exercises

It’s a misconception that if you want to gain weight, you should not perform any exercise at all. Though some exercises are not recommended, some are important for healthy weight gain like weight-lifting. If you will lift an adequate amount of weights on daily basis, the extra calories will only bulk up your muscle and will keep your tummy flat.

7: Consume Weight Gain Or Protein Supplements

You can find a number of supplements in the market, made for the sole purpose of weight gain. These powdery supplements can be consumed by making shakes. But relying only on supplements for weight gain is not a healthy approach. You can consume protein supplements daily for a time being to gain more muscle mass during workouts.

8: Follow An Eating Pattern

Eating mindlessly never helps the cause of weight gain. That’s why it’s necessary that you follow an eating pattern in which you push yourself to eat every 3-4 hours. You can either have 3 proper meals coupled with small snacks every now and then in between or you can have small portions of meals throughout the day.

9: Take A Good Sleep

Good sleep is the solution to most human worries either emotional or physical. Taking plenty of good sleep improves your digestion process and boosts metabolism as well. These factors combined to improve the appetite and help in weight gain eventually.

10: Increase The Plate Size

Though this is not a proven fact, a lot of people have claimed that eating on bigger plates helps them eat more, thus, increasing their weight. When you eat on a bigger plate you automatically add more food to make it look filled, and to show your manners you prefer to finish the food on your plate-which definitely adds up more calories to your system.

11: Drink Water

Drinking water is essential but when or when not is quite important. Drinking water right before having a meal will fill your stomach and you’ll end up having a small portion of the meal which will not let you gain your ideal weight. That’s why it is recommended to have water at other times of the day but not before a meal.

12: Avoid Smoking

Not only smoking but you need to leave all those bad habits that can contribute to weight loss or can be detrimental to your health. Bad health will not allow you to have healthy meals nor you would be able to enjoy the benefits of exercise, which will affect your weight gain process.

13: Avoid Cardio

Yes, exercise is good and cardio is good too. But if you are trying to gain weight then keep your cardio sessions on pause for a while being. As cardio can contribute to more calorie loss, which is not ideal in case of weight gain.

14: Enjoy The Extras

Who doesn’t love that extra cheese on pizza or that extra cream on the coffee? We all love that. But most of the time we try to avoid such things to maintain our weight. However, if you are trying to put on some weight then you could be lucky to enjoy all these extras. These little bits of extra will help you gain some extra pounds.

15: Stay Happy

Whether losing weight or gaining weight, staying content is very important. Good mental health contributes to a better metabolism, which improves your mood, appetite, and eventually your physical appearance.

Final Thoughts

Gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight, but with the right tips and tricks, one can gain an ideal amount of weight in a short period of time. Having extra protein, carbs, and fats; drinking milk; performing weight-lifting; having quality sleep, and avoiding smoking can help you gain weight fast. All these tips can only work if you add them to your lifestyle and follow them consistently for a time until you achieve your desired results.


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