Cycling Vs Treadmill- Which one is best for weight loss

Cycling Vs Treadmill- Which one is best for weight loss?

Losing weight isn’t a tough job anymore. With multiple strategies shared online by experts and home-based gym equipment, doing exercise is a piece of cake. But people still get confused about what to choose for weight loss. One such confusion that people face is between cycling and treadmill. The question arises, which one to choose? which one burns more calories? which offers more intensity? Let’s see what is a treadmill and a stationary cycle. how do these two pieces of equipment works? And which is more suitable for the weight loss journey? Let’s see.

Stationary Exercise Bike-Cycling

These are just like any other cycle you’ve pedaled in life, with the only difference being that it is fixated in one place, indoors. So one can get the luxury of cycling at home or the gym without going out. They also come in different types to suit the needs of their users. Spin bikes are the most common ones, as their cycling pattern resembles outdoor cycling while reclining ones offer comfortable space with such alignment that your feet don’t get tired and this one is good for people of old age.


It is exercise equipment that provides its users with various features of walking, and running in the indoor space. Its speed is adjustable and the intensity of workouts can be managed as well, according to a specific workout program. They come in two types: Motorized and Non-motorized. Usually, gym places offer motorized one as it offers numerous features, like pre-installed workout routines, keeping a check on calories burned while you run, a music system, etc. While non-motorized does not offer such a program but is more effective for people trying to tone their legs, as in this a person needs to move the belt of the treadmill themselves because no motor is installed to cater to this thing. But both kinds offer similar benefits.

Cycling Vs. Treadmill-For Weight Loss

So, how can you decide which one to buy or start using to lose those extra kilos? Let’s look at the number of calory burns, the intensity level of exercises, versatility, and which specific area these options target. Let’s compare their attributes.

Calorie Burn- Cycling Vs. Treadmill

  • According to various medical journals, the calories that the average person can burn during a session of 30-60 minutes, range from 400 to 800 calories. Although it mainly depends on the workout speed, how fast one pedals the cycle and with what intensity, and how long. These factors combined to calculate the number of calories burned during a single session.
  • While during the treadmill, the whole-body workout is in progress, and running on the treadmill requires lots of sweat. As the treadmill offers a variety of workouts, the number of calories burned will vary according to each workout, like jogging, running, or walking. But according to studies, one will burn 700-1000 calories during a session of 45-60 minutes, but again, the intensity of workouts determines the number of calories burnt.

Versatile Features- Cycling Vs. Treadmill

  • Stationary bikes allow only one kind of movement and feature, i.e., pedaling. It is most effective to enhance the resistance level of different muscles of the legs and lower body.
  • While treadmill offers four different features. i.e., Running, jogging, walking, and sprinting. A variety of inclination levels are offered to mimic the experience of outdoor running. According to the program selected, one can select the intensity level with which they are comfortable.

Level Of Intensity- Cycling Vs. Treadmill

  • Cycling does not offer a variety of intensity options and is thus usually considered a low-impact exercise. One can only speed up things by pedaling hard and fast.
  • While treadmills offer different intensity levels to suit the forms of cardio exercises like running, jogging, walking, etc. Increasing automated speed installed as a feature in the treadmill will get the desired speed for one’s workout. Another interesting feature that the treadmill offers is pre-installed programs that are specially designed to cater to the needs of people targeting weight loss.

Weight Loss-Cycling Vs. Treadmill

  • Pedaling targets the lower half area of the body and builds the muscle around the calves of legs, hips, etc. It does not target full-body muscles, but can be of great use to target the specific area of the lower body to tone the muscles or to improve the resistance. Spin bikes help in losing belly fat by targeting the belly area.
  • While the treadmill is a full-body workout. It targets all parts of the body, burns the fat, and keeps detoxing it. It helps in the formation of a toned and lean physique while burning excess fat. But it cannot be used to burn calories in a targeted area.

Final Word

In terms of benefits, treadmills offer more versatile workouts than stationary bikes thus helping more in losing weight. However, both have their kind of advantages and disadvantages. Only you can decide which one is better for you based on your workout routine and the target area of the body in which you want to lose weight. You have to choose one that is pocket-friendly, and satisfies your needs for exercises while offering you variety.


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