The Batman Workout Routine

The Batman Workout Routine

Spiderman, Batman, and a number of other superheroes ignite the fantasies of normal people. They start dreaming about getting similar superpowers, and if not the powers, then at least the physical strength. While superpowers are definitely the trick of AI, the physical strength these superheroes show is a real deal. They train hard to get their bodies into shape and build lots of muscles. Let us tell you a specific workout routine, named Batman workout routine, that’ll let you enjoy the physical strength of batman’s character-Bruce Wayne.

What Is The Batman Workout?

It is not an approved exercise program, and it is a workout that can be done by everyone. Due to its vague nature, there are a lot of Batman workout plans available on the internet, claiming that following those certain plans give best of the results. However, we cannot say for sure about the authenticity of the plan. Though, all the plans are based on the workout routine followed by Bruce Wayne, while preparing for the character of Batman.

How To Do Batman Workout?

There isn’t any definite plan to be followed to perform the Batman workout, but, we are going to share the most popular one which is believed to be followed by Bruce Wayne, and people have been claiming that following this workout has made them see a clear difference in their physical strength.

Do keep in mind that these workouts alone cannot let you enjoy the results, rather, you need to add healthy food to your diet as well to see the difference.

Batman Workout Routine

According to the reporters, who keep an eye on the activities of the Batman, the morning activity of the Batman involves:

  • Jogging (half an hour)
  • Meditation/yoga (30 minutes)

After getting warmed up by these workouts, the Batman prefers to do intense workouts in the evening which are quite time-taking. These workouts include:

  • Crunches [Sets (5), Reps (50)]
  • Rope Climbing (Sets, 5)
  • Flexibility training (half an hour)
  • High-box jumping (8 sets, 2 reps)
  • Boxing (half an hour)
  • Gymnastic ring exercises (30 minutes)

These workouts are based on the following exercises:

  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Jumping lunges
  • Slow-climbers
  • Punches
  • Leg-raises
  • Sit-up punches
  • Sitting twists
  • Shoulder-taps

You can also add other exercises to enhance muscle growth while increasing strength as well.

What Are The Benefits Of Batman Workout?

Not only the Batman workout can give you a physical appearance similar to Batman, but it also provides some other benefits as well.

  • It increases the muscle mass
  • It increases the muscle endurance
  • It increases the muscular strength
  • It increases the flexibility of the muscles and joints as well

The Final Word

The Batman workout isn’t an approved type of workout routine, and according to claims, normal people cannot follow it on daily basis. It is a high-intensity workout routine that needs special training and shall be performed under observation for a long time before performing it on your own. If you want to gain strength, there are many other workouts that can help you with it and if you want to look like a Batman, why not try the Batman costume, that’s quick and easy.


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