The Best VR Fitness Games of 2022

The Best VR Fitness Games of 2022

Working out in a similar environment could get boring. You might grow out of your gym routine or you simply don’t want to do traditional workouts at your home. In that case, your best option is VR fitness games. These games have been designed to keep people fit while making them enjoy the experience of gaming in different virtual locations. With their increasing popularity among the masses, there are a number of games that have been launched in the market which makes it difficult for users to choose from. We’ll help you by letting you in on the top 10 best VR fitness games for 2022, so it gets easy for you to make a decision.

What Are VR Fitness Games?

Virtual reality games are the ones made through computer simulation and try to give near-to real-life experiences to people through gaming. A number of VR games are now fitness-focused as they include exercises and workouts that help people get fit while enjoying their favorite games.

The Best VR Fitness Games Of 2022

Among a variety of VR fitness games in the market, it’s hard to choose one for yourself. That’s why the following list has been gathered on the basis of their level of difficulty, motion sickness, sweating, and fun factor. Look for yourself in the top 10 best VR games of 2022.

1: Beat Saber

A proud production of Beat Games, Beat Saber is one of the highly acclaimed games. It is a rhythm game in which all the rhythm of the music comes towards you and you need to slice them with your lightsabers. Continuous slicing of these boxes will work out your hands and arm muscles. It has been titled one of the most fun rhythm games.

2: Supernatural

Getting guided by a virtual trainer while working out sounds fun, isn’t it? Supernatural comes with such a feature. It also offers a large range of amazing locations that enhance the experience of VR fitness gaming. A person can enjoy working out anywhere in the world. A variety of workouts are followed in this game like lunges, squats, or hitting some targets to workout whole body muscles.

3: FitXR

To sweat your body in a short period of time, FitXR provides a range of workouts including dancing, boxing, and HIIT. The game records your real-life power and speed which motivates its players to work harder and faster. This way they manage to sweat out enough calories even in a short session of 15-20 minute gameplay. It comes with an inbuilt library of music which is great. Music has been paired with some amazing locations to make it look natural and plenty of workouts are dictated to be performed correctly.

4: Holofit

If you want to experience something exciting and wholesome in VR fitness games then Holofit shall be your top pick. It offers a variety of virtual world options where a person can work out in different modes. You can do a number of exercises like cycling, running, or rowing. You can use your rowing machine in the gym or stationary bike to experience the results of this game. The only drawback is that you will need a lot of side equipment and powerful rigs which could be hard to afford for everyone.

5: Superhot VR

This game needs you to kill enemies. Scared? Relax. The enemies are meant to be killed in virtual reality only. It has very catchy graphics and different missions that keep a person hooked. To complete the mission installed in this game you are expected to kill your enemies with a weapon. The best part is that the game character does not move unless you move, which acts as a moderate workout routine for you.

6: VZfit

To play this game, just sit on your bicycle and put on your VR headset. This game will take you anywhere in the world on your bike. The only catch is that all the cities are unlocked only after you purchase the premium version of this game. As with its different modes, the ride also changes. In different modes, you can ride a war tank, helicopter, or even a horse. This game workout the lower body muscles of your body while keeping it fun for you.

7: OhShape

Like its name, it’s quite fun and unique to play. It is the simplest yet fun game that promises a whole body workout to play this game you need to move your whole body. To play this game position yourself according to the position that has been carved out on the wall in the game. You can try out this game with your friends and family as well.

8: The Thrill of the Fight

Though most VR fitness games need you to move your whole body if you want to work out your whole body with a single workout, then you are going to love The Thrill of the Fight. This game has various difficulty levels, with each level the intensity of the workout increases. The first few workouts act as warm-ups and after that, you can move to the boxing ring. There you can play boxing matches which will make your whole body sweat.

9: The Climb 2

Wanna try climbing through mountains without climbing a real mountain? Climb 2 can help you with that. It is a mind-blowing game with near to real hardcore environment suitable for skyscrapers or rock climbing. It has a map that can navigate you to the different areas to play. However, to unlock the complete map you need to complete the tutorial.

10: Synth Riders

This game does wonders for beginners as it is the easiest one to play. It has almost 55 songs on which you can dance to work out your body and complete your mission. While dancing to the rhythm of the music, you need to slice or avoid the blocks coming your way to complete the game successfully.

The Final Word

You might find all of the games so interesting that you want to play them all, or it may have occurred to you that only one on this list is suitable for you. The ultimate thing is to know what works best for you. You can either play one game to achieve your fitness goals or can combine different games to work synergistically, so your whole body gets what it wants. In the end, the choice is yours.


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