How To Perform Collarbone Exercises

How to Perform Collarbone Exercises?

Women always try to perform various exercises to look beautiful. Enhancing the shape of the collarbone also comes in this regard. Here we will tell you some simple exercises and tips and tricks which will help you have a defined collarbone in a few weeks.

Why the Exercise of the Collarbone is Important?

Women perform collarbone exercises to define their beauty bone. It makes their look more appealing and the dresses look more pretty on them if they have defined collarbones. Some people also perform collarbone exercises to get butterfly wings.

How to Perform Collarbone Exercises?

To get the perfect shape of the collarbone, you need to perform certain exercises so the muscles around your collarbone get shaped accordingly. These exercises also help in losing fat around the collarbone. Let’s look at the 3 simple exercises that can help you get those beautiful butterfly wings.

1. Shoulder Blade Squeeze

To perform a shoulder blade squeeze for your collarbone, you need to do it the following way.

  • You need to stand with a straight back while keeping your arms straight on both sides.
  • Now start squeezing your shoulder blades inward.
  • Only squeeze them inside, do not squeeze them upwards.
  • Hold yourself in this pose for 6 seconds.
  • Now repeat this exercise 8-12 times to get the results.

2. Shoulder Rolls

This exercise also helps you lose neck fat and let you have a perfectly shaped collarbone. Follow these simple steps:

  • Place your body in a resting position and stand firmly
  • Now place your arms away from your body in the forward direction
  • Start moving your arms in the circle motion
  • After some time, take your arms in the backward position and move them into a circular position
  • Repeat this exercise at least 15-20 times a day to slim down your collarbone

3. Push-Ups

While you might think that push-ups are only to build the arms muscles, they really work in defining your collarbone as well.

  • Lay down your body on the floor with your hands on the floor and your body hanging over them.
  • Start moving your body upward and then downward by putting pressure on your arms only.
  • Repeat these push-ups at least 5-10 times a day, only then you’ll be able to see the difference.


The exercise can surely define some shape of your collarbone but it alone cannot help you lose fat around it. Limiting your calorie intake with some daily physical activity including simple cardio can enhance the process of losing fat from collarbones.

Also, if you want to flaunt your collarbone, it’s imperative that you pay heed to your dress choice. Tight-neck dresses are not suitable for showing off your collarbone. Try to wear dresses whose neck is in boat shape, so your collarbone can get a definitive shape.

The final word

To get a beautiful collarbone without any fat, you can perform simple exercises like shoulder shrugs, shoulder rolls, and push-ups. All these can help you get those beautiful butterfly wings. Along with that, you need to watch out for your diet as well, as it plays a major role in shaping your collarbone.


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