What does post-workout mean

What Does Post-Workout Mean?

Our body always needs energy, whether it’s before a workout or after a workout. To supplement this nutrition to our body right before and after a workout, the concept of pre-workout and post-workout supplements came into being. Right after sweating our whole body, we’ll definitely need to boost our energy levels again and we cannot eat anything but specific foods which can help speed up the energy process. In this piece of writing, we will look at what post-workout is and how it can help our health.

What Is Post-Workout?

People often confuse this term and think it is some sort of extra workout they need to do after a planned workout routine. But post-workout in the exercise world is the food/supplement you consume to recover your energy and muscles.

Why Is It Used?

Eating the right meal right after a workout is important because, during workout sessions, our muscles use the fuel source of the body, stored glycogen. This lowers the level of glycogen in the body which needs to be recovered. Also, intense workouts might break proteins in the muscles and they need repair as well. That’s why it is imperative that you consume a healthy and wholesome meal after an intense workout session so your muscles can restore their glycogen reserve and proteins get repaired.

What To Eat For A Post-Workout Meal?

Now you’ve understood the concept and use of the post-workout meal, it’s time to know what can be eaten as a post-workout meal. Keep in mind that you cannot eat anything for the recovery of glycogen or protein repair, but specific foods need to be added to the meal to make it wholesome and full of energy. Following food needs to be consumed in order to make sure that your body gets enough carbs, fats, and proteins.

Carbs Food SourceProtein Food SourceFats Food Source
Milk (flavored)
Fruits (banana, pineapple, kiwi, etc.)
Whole grain bread
Quinoa and other whole grains
Greek yogurt
Tuna or salmon
Protein powders (animal or plant-based)
Protein bar
Plant-based fat sources
Nuts and nut butter
Dried fruits

When To Consume Post-Workout Meal/Supplement?

Research claims that consuming a post-workout meal rich in carbs right after a workout can ensure higher production of glycogen in the body. But to consume your proteins, you can wait for an hour or two, so the carbs that go into your body start working. Resultantly, later when you consume proteins, the carbs will help them get absorbed in the muscles.

Tip: Rather than consuming the whole meal in a go right after a workout, it’s better to eat it in small portions every 3-4 hours. Also, eating well-balanced meals throughout the day can also compensate for the loss of energy in your body after a workout, even if you do not consume a large amount of post-workout meals or supplements.


Post-workout refers to the meal or supplement you consume right after your workout routine to revive your energy, enhance the production of glycogen, and speed up the process of recovery of proteins in the muscles. That’s why, along with taking care of your pre-nutrition, also keep a focus on your post-workout meals. Otherwise, you won’t be able to work out the next day. Because the body needs what it needs, and we have to give it no matter what.


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