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How to Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership

If you are worried and looking for possible ways to cancel your Gold’s gym membership, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we will guide you that what are the two ways by which you can cancel your membership and what are the things you need to keep in mind before initiating your cancellation process. Let’s go:

What is a Gold’s Gym?

Gold’s gym has been operating mainly from Dallas, Texas, USA but it has branches over the 38 states of the USA, which makes it one of the largest fitness club franchises in the USA. All of its franchises are privately owned and the owners decide the rules and regulations regarding membership and other services in the gym.

How to Cancel a Gold’s Gym Membership?

As every branch of the Gold’s gym is privately owned, its cancellation policy varies. Though the basics remain similar, there are a few things on which every franchise might have a different stance. That’s why it’s necessary that you only visit your home club for the cancellation of your membership.

The Gold’s gym specifically mentions in their rules and regulations that one can only cancel membership via visiting the fitness club where they registered themselves or via sending a signed letter through certified mail. No cancellation requests made through other mediums like phone or email will be entertained.

1. How to Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership Via Mail?

To cancel the membership via mail you need to write a letter and send it to the home address of your gym. The following guide, if followed properly will make sure that you are able to cancel your membership in no time.

Step 1: Write a letter enclosing details regarding the reason for cancellation and all the other necessary details regarding your membership information and personal details.

Step 2: Sign this letter and send it to the official mailing address of Gold’s gym, where you’ve been registered.

Step 3: After completion of the notice period and clearing remaining dues (if any) you’ll be notified of the cancellation of your membership.

2. How to Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership in Person?

If you wish to cancel your Gold’s gym membership, you need to visit the fitness club in person to make sure that your cancellation request proceeds in time. Follow these steps to cancel your membership.

Step 1: Visit the Gold’s gym branch where you registered yourself first.

Step 2: Tell the customer representative that you wish to cancel your membership.

Step 3: They’ll give you a cancellation form that’ll require your details to initiate your cancellation request. Fill and sign that form and submit it to the front desk.

Step 4: They’ll let you know about any remaining dues or notice period as per your contract type. After fulfilling all the contract’s requirements you will be notified of membership cancellation.

How Much does it Cost to Cancel the Gold’s Gym Membership?

The Gold’s gym’s typical procedure is to make their members sign off the contract for a year or two. After completion of the contract period, their membership changes to month-to-month payment. If you decide to cancel your membership in between the contract period, you’ll have to pay the penalty fee or the remaining dues of the contract’s time. This can only be waived off if you are moving to another location and want to join another branch of the Gold’s gym or if you are leaving due to any medical condition.

If you have completed your contract period and are now on the month-to-month membership plan, then you can cancel your membership anytime. You just need to notify your fitness club 30 days prior to cancellation. It is mandatory to notify the gym prior to avoid any legalities and you won’t have to pay any fee.


Both mail and physical visits can help you cancel your membership at Gold’s gym without any trouble. If you face any trouble, you can always call their customer services number or an email to their official address to address your queries or complaints. But, if you follow the above-mentioned process, we are sure there are very less chances that you’ll land in any trouble while canceling your membership.


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