How Much is a Dash Of Bitters

How Much is a Dash Of Bitters?

Almost every drink is enhanced with an addition of a dash of bitters and various types of bitters are there to serve the purpose. It makes us wonder more about bitters and how they are commonly used in making drinks and cocktails. But still, one thing remains confusing, how much is a dash of bitters? So, without any more delay, let’s read about it below and clear the confusion once and for all.

What are bitters used for?

Bitter are basically flavored spirits that are used to add flavor to drinks or cocktails. Bitters are infused with spices, fruits, or even the flavor of flowers and many more as well.  As they are considered to be non-alcoholic, so they are only used to add some intense flavor and taste to the drink and not alcohol.

How Much Is A Dash Of Bitters?

It is a measuring amount that can be measured in tsp. Oz, ml, and drops.

1 Dash Of Bitter In Tsp

1 Dash of Bitter= 1/8th of tsp

1 Dash Of Bitter In Oz

1 Dash of Bitter= 1/32 oz

1 Dash Of Bitter In mL

1 Dash of Bitter= 0.92 mL

1 Dash Of Bitter In Drops

1 Dash Of Bitter= 10 drops

What Are 2 Dash Of Bitters?

Normally one dash of bitters is equal to 1/8th of a teaspoon, so 2 dashes of bitters would be 1/4th of a teaspoon. And if we talk about drops, 20 drops would equal 2 dashes of bitters.

How Many Dashes Of Bitters Can You Use?

The answer to this is really simple. As bitters are concentrated having a strong intense flavor, and taste that they add to the drink, they should be used accordingly to the preference so that they do not imbalance the taste of the drink. It is good to start with a few dashes of bitters and then keep tasting it so that you can adjust the dash of bitters as per your taste requirement.

You might be interested in knowing about the amount of alcohol in a dash of bitters so let’s get to it.

What Is The Alcohol Content Of A Dash Of Bitters?

Generally, the whole bottle of bitter contains about 35-40% of alcohol which is a very little amount when used as 1 dash of bitters in a drink. So, a dash of bitters is actually non-alcoholic with no alcohol content in it.

The thing that still confuses most people is how we can measure a dash of bitters. So, let’s see it.

A Dash Of Bitters: How To Measure Them?

There is no one standard way of measuring a dash of bitters. Just make sure to be slow while measuring the dash of bitters, as the liquid can overflow from the bottle or add too quickly making your measurement inaccurate. The easy method is to measure them with a dropper. Take 10 drops of bitter in the dropper and it would make it 1 dash of bitters and easy to use.

How Much Dash Of Bitters Are There In Popular Drinks?

The dash of bitters in some popular drinks is:

DrinksDash of Bitter
Manhattan2 dashes
Caramel Manhattan1 dash
Pink Martini4 dashes
Vodka Sour3 dashes
Buffalo Bill1 dash
Moscow Mule1 dash
Mojito3 dashes
Jameson Whiskey Sour3 dashes


A dash of bitters is an amount that can be measured in terms of teaspoons, ounces, ml, and drops. Bitters are concentrated flavored spirits that are used in enhancing the taste and flavor of cocktails and drinks. A dash of bitters is equal to 1/8th of a teaspoon, 1/32 oz, 0.92 mL, and equal to 10 drops. You can use the amount of dash of bitters according to your taste preference and choice.


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