What Is Progression In Fitness

What is Progression in Fitness

Progress is important, no matter whether it’s in your educational department or in the exercise department. The principle of progression in fitness has been based on the idea to make people challenge themselves in their workout routine so they can explore much more in the fitness world while exploring their limits and unleashing multiple health benefits. Let’s take a deeper look at the principle of progression and how it helps in achieving fitness goals.

What is a Progression in Fitness?

The principle of progression in fitness is based on the idea that once your body has adjusted to a certain kind of workout and intensity, it’s time to change your exercise routine and level up your fitness. That means that you’ll have to increase the amount of exercise subsequently, its intensity, and workout duration to see continuous progress.

Why Progression in Fitness is Important?

If you keep performing a similar kind of exercise for a long period of time, your body will get tired of it and after some time you’ll not see any progress. That’s why it’s important that you keep changing your workout routine according to your goals to help you become fit.

The principle of progression is necessary to be followed during fitness training because it helps in increasing your endurance, strength, and speed of the workout. Studies have shown that it is imperative that your muscles get challenged continuously so they can develop better and become efficient over time.

How Progression in Fitness can be Achieved?

The principle of progression is based on three factors that need to be kept in sight while changing your exercise routine. It’s always a good idea to follow the entire process so you never miss out on the results.

1. Frequency of Exercise

If you are doing a certain exercise on a daily basis and after some time you fail to see any improvement; your first step should be increasing its frequency. You shall try performing that exercise twice a day if you were doing it once a day before. Increasing the frequency will help you know if the workout needs to be performed more to achieve the results or if it needs to be changed.

2. Intensity of Exercise

To see the progress of your workout, you also need to increase the intensity of your exercise over time, gradually. Once your body has adapted to a certain intensity of the workout, you can easily level up your game and increase the intensity of exercise. It will help you increase your muscle endurance and strength. It’s also important for stamina building.

3. Duration of Exercise

Another factor that has a great value in the principle of progression is the time of exercise. It means, for how long you can perform an exercise in one sitting. If you’ve been working for a shorter period of time with your weights or are running for a short time; to see the progress, it’s necessary that you increase the time of your workout.

What are the Benefits of Progression in Fitness?

It majorly depends on the type of workout one is performing. But, the principle of progression is only followed by the people who need to build more muscle strength and endurance and perform resistance training for a long time. Such people can reap the following benefits.

  • Progression helps them improve their balance and coordination by enhancing neurological adaptations
  • Progression helps them in increasing their muscular strength and size
  • Progression helps them in making their body more efficient and functionally capable
  • Progression helps in enhancing their metabolic rates and eventually increasing energy levels
  • It is also reported that progression can help in improving insulin sensitivity, glycaemic content, and bone health

The Final Word

Progression in fitness surely provides enough room for increasing muscle strength and endurance along with offering a number of health benefits. It needs to be followed in its true essence to reap the results, which means, you cannot miss any of the factors of the progression principle. You need to increase the frequency, intensity, and duration of your workout simultaneously to achieve the level of progression in your fitness.


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