Difference Between Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero

What is the Difference Between Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero?

Drinking carbonated drinks or sodas has become a part of our daily routine. Everyone likes to have these drinks and people, who prefer to eat and drink healthy are very attracted to the idea of a carbonated drink with the concept of zero calories or no added sugar That is why many companies are producing sodas with better ingredients that are health friendly and suitable for people who worry about their weight. Diet Pepsi and Pepsi zero are the two most consumed carbonated drinks by such people. Let’s read more about them.

What are Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero?

Diet Pepsi and Pepsi zero are carbonated soft drinks with no calories, fat, or sugar in them. Both of them contain artificial sweeteners for taste purposes.

If we want to know the difference between these drinks, we need to know about their ingredients and nutritional facts for that. So, let’s have a look at them!

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Comparison of Ingredients between Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero

Let’s see how both differ in ingredients

Diet PepsiCarbonatedCaramelAspartame, Acesulfame potassiumNatural flavor, Caffeine    Citric acid, Physophoric acid, Potassium benzoate, Citric acid  
Pepsi ZeroCarbonatedCaramelAspartame, Acesulfame potassiumNatural flavor, Caffeine  Citric acid, Physophoric acid, Potassium benzoate,  Calcium Disodium Edetate and Panax Ginseng extract

Comparison of Nutrition facts between Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero

Nutritional FactsDiet PepsiPepsi Zero
Serving size12 fl oz (355 mL)12 fl oz (355 mL)
Total Fat00
Sodium35 mg40 mg
Caffeine35 mg69 mg
SweetenersAcesulfame Potassium, AspartameAcesulfame Potassium, Aspartame

As we can see the ingredients and nutritional facts of Diet Pepsi and Pepsi zero, there are not many significant differences between them but only a few one.

Difference between Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero

If both of them are almost the same, then what could be the possible difference between them? Let’s see:

1-  Flavor protection and others

Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero are basically the same products with similar ingredients except Pepsi zero contain Calcium Disodium EDTA which is used to protect the flavor, Ginseng root extract, and the amino acid Phenylalanine (people having phenylketonuria should not consume it) that is not present in Diet Pepsi.

2- Caffeine Content

Although both Diet Pepsi and Pepsi zero contain similar ingredients, there is a minor difference between the caffeine content as Pepsi zero contains more caffeine 69 mg than Diet Pepsi.

3- Sodium Content

Pepsi zero contains more sodium which is 40 mg as compared to Diet Pepsi which contains 35 mg of sodium.

4- Taste

Even though there is not a major difference in the taste of both drinks, diet Pepsi tastes more like regular Pepsi whereas Pepsi zero has a slightly different aftertaste.

If you are still confused about whether any of them is a better choice or not then read below.

What’s better:  Diet Pepsi VS Pepsi zero?

There are very minor differences and both carbonated drinks are of the same nature. So, it makes neither of them healthy than the other. The selection solely depends upon your choice of taste, and what you prefer to drink.


There are no notable differences in nutrition between Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero which marks them differently. They only differ in their caffeine and sodium content along with their taste and flavor. So, if you want to have a sugar and calorie-free drink that does not cause weight gain, then you can drink any of them as per your taste preference.


1- Can a person with diabetes have a Zero Pepsi?

The American Diabetes Association suggests beverages containing zero calories and no added sugars for diabetic people to avoid any rise or increase in blood sugar.

2- Is it healthy to drink Diet Pepsi?

Diet Pepsi contains no harmful ingredients and no calories so it is not harmful to drink Diet Pepsi in a reasonable amount.

3- Does Diet Pepsi or Pepsi zero causes headache?

If you consume too much of a drink in a day, it could possibly cause some headaches. This is because of the artificial sweetener Aspartame, which is linked with several health effects if consumed in greater amounts.


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