why do i crave spicy foods

Why Do I Crave Spicy Foods?

Do you also have cravings for spicy foods? If yes, then eating and fulfilling your cravings is not a bad thing to do if done in moderation. Though you get spicy cravings you might also wonder why you crave these spicy foods. Food cravings are normal but there is always an underlying reason behind them. So let’s see what is the reason behind craving spicy foods. 

Why Do I Crave Spicy Foods?

Food cravings are normal but it is important to understand the underlying reason behind them. If you crave spicy foods, there could be possible reasons. 

1- Heated Body

It may sound weird but when your body’s temperature is raised, you may crave spicy foods. The reason behind this is capsaicin which is the active component of chilies like spicy peppers. Capsaicin can make your body sweat, lowering the body temperature and cooling it down. This is the reason when your body temperature is raised, and you feel heated you crave spicy foods just like when you are ill. 

2- Pregnancy

It is common that when you are pregnant, you have food cravings. Sometimes it is spicy cravings and sometimes sweet. There is not a lot of demonstrative data and the reason might not be clear why pregnant women start to crave spicy foods more but research says that it may be due to hormonal changes, certain compounds in food, or any nutrient deficiency.

3- Hormonal Changes And Imbalance

Hormonal changes and imbalances can also cause food cravings, especially spicy cravings. Serotonin and leptin are the hormones that affect food cravings. There are many hormonal changes during pregnancy and menstruation that can make you crave spicy foods.

4- Cutting Down Spicy Foods

It is natural that when you try to cut down on any food, you’ll crave it more and more. The same thing happens when you try to cut down spicy foods from your routine, you will eventually have more cravings for them. This is because your body becomes deprived of spicy foods and needs them even more, which results in cravings. 

5- Depression

When you are suffering from depression, it is likely that you will crave spicy foods. When you feel down or are stressed, eating spicy foods might be beneficial for you. Spicy foods have capsaicin which is a plant compound and when it is consumed, it acts as an irritant and triggers a burning sensation in the body. As a result of this burning sensation, the body releases endorphins which give you a pleasurable feeling, reducing your stress. This is why when you have an episode of depression, your body craves spicy foods.

6- Dieting

Another possible reason why you are craving spicy foods is dieting. When you try to limit your food intake and cut down on some foods from your routine, your body eventually starts to become deficient in some nutrients that those foods contain. All spicy foods contain capsaicin, and when you try to do dieting, you avoid many foods including spicy food and your body starts to lack capsaicin. This results in increased cravings for spicy foods.

7- Congestion

Congestion is also a reason for your spicy cravings. When you have a runny nose and congestion, eating spicy foods can help with that. Capsaicin can clear the sinus, flu, and runny nose which helps ease congestion as well. So, when you have congestion, your body makes you crave spicy foods.

8- Pain 

If your body is in any kind of pain or suffering, you will most likely crave spicy foods. The reason behind this is that capsaicin in spicy foods causes the body to release endorphins that ease the pain giving a relief. Moreover, capsaicin depletes the supply of a certain neurotransmitter that transfers signals of pain to the brain that results in reduced pain.


There are a few possible reasons why you crave spicy foods it might be due to hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, having a heated body, when you are dieting, or you have cut down on spicy foods, are suffering from depression, have congestion, or are in any kind of pain. All these factors are responsible for making you crave spicy foods and this craving is mainly due to capsaicin. Whatever the reason is, you can fulfill your cravings but in moderation.


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