How To Survive A Clear Liquid Diet

How To Survive A Clear Liquid Diet

So you or your doctor decided based on your medical condition to put you on a clear liquid diet. You have the diet plan, the motivation, the cause, and the right ingredients as well. But a clear liquid diet is quite a daunting task. Living solely on liquids for a certain period is quite a cumbersome task. It gets hard to survive it. So, how can you survive a clear liquid diet? Do you need a magic pill? Well, No. You just need to organize yourself and this article will help you with it.

What Is A Clear Liquid Diet?

A type of liquid diet in which only clear liquids are allowed whether for medical purposes or to lose some extra pounds. These liquids include water, juices, tea, and other clear liquids.

Why Is It Followed?

It is a medical diet often recommended by doctors to their patients before conducting any sensitive tests or before or after a certain surgery. It is also followed by people who often experience digestive problems like diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal indigestion.

What Does It Include?

While on a clear liquid diet, one cannot consume any solid food. That’s why, to keep up with the nutritional needs, different sorts of liquid drinks need to be consumed on a daily basis. Here’s the list of drinks that one should consume while following the clear liquid diet.

  • Water (could be flavored as well)
  • Fresh fruit juices
  • Carbonated Drinks
  • Strained Vegetable Juice
  • Beverages
  • Gelatin
  • Tea/Coffee (Milk and cream-free)
  • Chicken Bone Broth (Fat-free)
  • Honey
  • Sports Drinks (High in electrolytes)
  • Soft Drinks (Without dyes)
  • Popsicles (free of nuts and fruits)

How To Survive A Clear Liquid Diet?

No matter the amount of benefit a diet can offer, surviving a clear liquid diet is a daunting task. People get bored very easily on this diet and it also causes their energy to drop down. That’s why, before starting a clear liquid diet or even any diet, one should prepare and educate themselves enough to survive it with a style. Here we’ve gathered some amazing tips for you to manage your clear liquid diet.

1: Prepare Yourself

Preparing does not mean you have to get dressed well to get on this journey. But yes, preparing yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally before starting a diet is crucial. You need to be clear in your head about why you are doing this? What are your expectations from this diet? What are your goals? And you can do this. All these factors should be very clear in your head to make this diet plan successful and survivable.

2: Manage Your Food

Once you know that you are aiming for this diet, it’s best to devise a diet plan beforehand. Do the grocery; make separate portions for each day of the week and add variety to it. The variety will help you consume most of the essential nutrients which you would otherwise be missing out on due to restrictions on solid foods. When you sort out your daily meal plan yourself, it’ll keep you excited to try something new on a daily basis and will make the clear liquid diet an easy pill to swallow for you.

3: Take The Help

This does not mean you need to go to a psychiatrist, but if you are trying the clear liquid diet on your own for weight loss purposes, it is always a good idea to get a consultation with a doctor beforehand. If you are suffering from any medical condition or need to undergo surgery, even then a doctor can guide you properly about what to have and what not to have which can put your life at risk.

4: Make Sure To Have A Good Sleep

Our daily routine highly impacts our ability to survive a certain diet plan. Having quality and enough sleep is essential to survive a clear liquid diet. Because the better you sleep, the better your chances of having a positive mood, fewer hunger pangs, and more satiated feelings.

5: Drink Lots Of Water

Isn’t it obvious? A clear liquid diet means lots of water. How can it help in surviving the diet? Well, water is smart. It’s not just there to make your thirst go away but it has a way to make you feel full. According to studies, people who drink lots of water whether plain or flavored on a clear liquid diet tend to feel more full. It’s because water has the ability to stretch the stomach, which sends a signal to the brain that it’s full. If water can do that for you, you can surely have lots of water in a day.

6: Never Miss Out On Your Gelatin

Gelatin is allowed for a reason on a clear liquid diet. All the other solid things are not allowed but the gelatin and ice popsicles, why so? Because they are sweet, easy to chew, and provide a booster shot of energy that uplifts your mood and also keeps you satiated. So make gelatin your new friend while surviving a clear liquid diet.

7: Coffee & Green Tea Are Your Friends

Normally people are advised not to drink much coffee, but here the case is different. People following a clear liquid diet are advised to consume lots of coffee and green tea, as both these drinks are known to promote the feeling of fullness. They help in suppressing your appetite thus making a clear liquid diet a survivable one.

8: Practice Meditation

Consuming liquids only for a long time or even for a short time can leave you distressed. And stress is never good for health, especially when you are picking up a diet plan to stay fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle. To get rid of that stress, try meditation on a daily basis. Or if your health allows, you can perform some simple physical exercises as well to improve your mood.

9: Keep A Good Company

It might not feel much significant but the good company of friends can keep your mind off the cravings for food. They can help you realize the importance of being on a clear liquid diet from time to time. They never let you get demotivated and that’s the best part. So, a good pack of friends can make your diet journey smooth.

10: Use A Large Spoon

Seriously? How come a large spoon can help someone survive a clear liquid diet? The researchers have answered this question. According to the research, people who use bigger spoons to consume their soups are less likely to feel cravings for other foods and feel more saturated than people who use small spoons.

The Bottom Line

Managing your needs, taking care of your sleep, and sticking to the recommended clear liquid drinks can help you survive the clear liquid diet. Any diet plan’s success is all about the way it gets followed. And in the case of a clear liquid diet, it is of essential need that you follow the guidelines because missing out on any liquid or eating any solid might put your health at risk.


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