DO's And DON’Ts Before And After A Workout

DO’s And DON’Ts Before And After A Workout

Generally, all the credit for your fitness regime goes to the workout you perform. But, what you do before and after that workout greatly impacts its results. That’s why you should be clear about what you should do before and after a workout and what needs to be avoided at any cost. Here we’ve assembled a list of DOs and DON’Ts for you to have a healthier lifestyle.

Pre-Workout DO’s and DON’Ts

Setting up and preparing yourself before a workout is a good way to start your workout. Let’s see what you need to do and what you need to beware of while preparing for a workout routine.


1: Getting Enough Sleep

Getting sound and enough sleep is crucial for your body to perform at its best. It also helps in keeping your hunger in control. So, always take proper sleep before going out for a workout. For the very same reason, morning workouts are preferred over evening ones.

2: Enough Hydration

Working out in the gym means using all of your body’s muscles and joints. And for them to work out smoothly, they should be lubricated enough. Drinking lots of water can lubricate your joints and keep your body temperature optimal for a workout. It also helps in the regulation of the nutrients in the body, which keeps your energy levels high.

3: Nutritious Snack

If you are planning to work out for too long, try having a small healthy snack almost 2 hours before a workout. Choose snacks that offer both carbs and proteins, so you don’t go out of energy.

4: Right Attire

Wearing comfortable clothes and footwear is as important as eating healthy for a workout. Wear breathable and sweat-absorbent clothes. Your shoes should be comfortable to enhance your mobility.

5: Warm-Up

Perform a dynamic set of warm-up exercises to make sure that your body is ready for the workout. Taking your resting body straight to the exercise machine will only get you muscle injuries.

6: Check Your Weight And Vitals

Always check your weight and physical vitals like heart rate level, blood pressure, and oxygen levels before starting a workout. First, it’ll help you know how many workouts you need to perform to reach your fitness goals. Secondly, it’ll let you know if your body is in good shape to perform a workout or not.


1: Putting An Immediate Stop To Workout

Suddenly jumping out of your treadmill or putting a sudden stop to your running might cause you a sprain, cramps, or other injuries. Putting an immediate stop to a workout can also make you feel light-headed or weak. So, it’s better to slowly end your session rather than hurrying out of it.

2: Not Changing Sweaty Clothes

Keeping your sweaty clothes on for a long time after a workout can cause several skin infections and acne on the skin as well.

3: Going For Another Workout Right After

Right after an intense workout, going for another workout is not a good idea. Your muscles and body need a break as well, and if you cannot give them their well-deserved break then they are also not going to show any improvement as well.

4: Eating Spicy Foods/Unhealthy Foods

Healthy eating is key to a good workout routine. Spicy or junk food is hard to digest and after a workout, your body is already in a repairing phase, so eat something healthy and non-spicy so it can be digested easily.

The Bottom Line

If you want to step up your workout game, you really need to follow these DOs and DON’Ts. Keeping yourself hydrated, getting enough sleep, and having nutritious food to keep your energy levels high must be your top priority. Skipping on junk food, sugary drinks, and sudden stop to a workout routine is something you need to avoid at any cost. Try these DOs and DON’Ts to keep your body happy. And if your body’s happy, so is your health.


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