Why Is There A Growing Concern Over Physical Fitness Of Children And Adolescents

Why Is There A Growing Concern Over Physical Fitness Of Children And Adolescents

Do you see a clear difference between the physical fitness of today’s children and children from 20-30 years back? Then you must agree that this difference isn’t something positive and pretty. In today’s age, obesity is on the rise and every other child and adolescent is becoming a victim of it. That has been causing grave concerns over their physical fitness. Let’s find a way forward for these concerns.

What Is Physical Fitness?

First, we need to understand what physical fitness is. It isn’t about looking slim and fit. But physical fitness refers to the best health of your body in all aspects, which let you enjoy your daily life with vigor. Both genetic factors and level of physical activity play an important role in deciding the stage of physical fitness, one has been in.

Why Is There A Growing Concern Over The Physical Fitness Of Children And Adolescents?

Youth is the world’s future, and if our children and adolescents are not fit enough to live to their fullest and use their potential for the betterment of the world, then that is an alarming situation. This alarming situation can be observed all around the world. This happened mostly because of the rapid rise in the use of technology, which takes up most of the time dedicated to physical activity. Everything has been so easy because of technology but this ease is not good for physical health.

Due to sedentary lifestyles and poor food choices among children and adolescents, there is a growing concern over their physical fitness. Sedentary lifestyles are mostly because of the prevalent use of technology and poor food choices are because of the availability of highly processed, sugary, and nutritionally unfulfilling meals, which come at very cheap prices and are easy to be fed. But easy isn’t always good, instead, such food choices have taken a serious toll on their health.

Zero or very little physical activity has been causing major health issues among children and adolescents. There is a high ratio of cardiovascular patients, diabetic patients, and obese patients that fall in this age bracket. The data suggests that if they are not going to make changes in their lifestyle, then there is a high chance that the next generations will bear more diseases and physically unfit children.

How Can These Concerns Be Solved?

Concerns are meant to be solved and so this concern that has been hovering over children and adolescents’ physical health can be solved as well. How? The answer is very simple and doable. Simply add a pinch of physical activity to your daily life and switch to healthy food. That’s it. Becoming conscious about your exercise routine and food choices will keep you far far away from obesity and all related health problems. Experts believe that staying active for 60 minutes a day for children and 30 minutes for adults can help fight the sedentary lifestyle and obesity.

How Physical Activity And Healthy Food Can Ensure Physical Fitness?

Children and adolescents keep growing and to grow well they need food full of essential nutrients to make their bones grow stronger and muscles flexible, physical activity is a must. Let’s find out how only these two factors can ensure physical fitness.

1: A routine of physical activity of your choice helps in growth and development.

2: It improves mental and physical health. It also is known to improve the psychosocial health of children.

3: Increased physical activity reduces the risk of many serious health issues including heart risks, high BP, diabetes, obesity, and bone-related issues.

4: It improves your muscle and bone strength while keeping them flexible enough to increase your range of motion.

5: It fights depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues, which eventually help in better cognitive skills.

6: Physical activity improves social interactions by boosting your mood thus improving social behaviors. It makes you more goal-oriented, confident, and self-confident.

7: Healthy food contains all essential nutrients required by the body for the smooth process of growth and development.

The Final Word

Everyone in the world is concerned over the physical fitness of children and as well as adolescents because of their ultimate sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices. It has led to obesity and other serious health diseases. But all this can be solved just by incorporating physical activity and healthy food into your daily routine. The plan is to just stick close to nature and not divert yourself from the natural course of action of physical activity and a balanced meal.


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