4 Reasons Why Can’t I Stick to a Diet

4 reasons why can’t I stick to a diet

Following a typical diet routine can be a daunting task. Working on a diet one week and then going back to munching favorite unhealthy snacks – we all have been there. And we all do ponder as well, why can’t we stick to a diet plan? What’s so hard about it? There are lots of people out there successfully following their diet plans then why can’t I? Just remember, there are a number of failures behind every success.

So, if you are looking for the reasons behind your commitment dynamics towards a diet plan and how to overcome them, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a tour.

What is a diet plan?

Diet plan is something you design to keep up with your body’s nutritional needs, while burning those extra pounds. There has been an uproar about losing weight by following a strict diet plan, which makes people believe that anyone following a typical diet plan is aiming for that perfect body shape only. But, that’s not necessarily true. There is no doubt that there are numerous people out there working on their body shape, but there are many as well, who just like to eat healthy to maintain their body’s homeostasis. There is no science in it. But even such people also lose their interest in a specific food regime, after some time.

Why can’t you stick to a diet?

“Hey! keep that donut away – I am dieting”. “Can you bring me green tea instead of cola? Actually, I am eating healthy.” Do you see that? That’s how we start on our diet. Full of energy; being strict with ourselves; telling others not to disturb our diet routine – we promise ourselves that no matter what, we’ll do it this time. I won’t look at that yummy cheesecake, nor will I take a sip of that chocolate shake. But what happens next? We see ourselves eating that same cheesecake the very next week. So whether you are a team weight loss or a team healthy eater, there is some point during your diet routine where you give up. You just cannot stick to it. I’ll tell you a few major reasons behind your attitude. Keep reading and ticking the reasons you can associate yourself with – nobody will know.

1. Unrealistic goals

There is a high chance that you’ve set unachievable goals for yourself, just because you got influenced by some famous blogger and thought, why not? I can do that too; I could be slim in a week. You seriously need to reflect on your set goals. Your body and its nutritional needs are different from others. There are some practical cutbacks in diet that can be followed by everyone, but suddenly jumping on to a potato or grapefruit diet and having it every other day will make you lose interest and you’ll get demotivated very soon.

2. Poor food choices

Backing up my previous argument, if you decide to completely cut back on carbs or fats, you’ll never get to complete your diet plan. Why? Because you’ll be undernutrition in that case. Cutting back on a certain food element is not the solution, but eating balanced and healthy is what will keep you in this loop. Your body is smarter than you, it’ll never let you underfeed it. Eventually, you’ll feel lethargic and will crave more of those sugary products you were trying so hard to avoid.

3. Forbidden food is always tempting

Did you decide not to have your favorite cookies or snacks, at any cost? You are labeling that food as a forbidden one. And we all know that, even from Adam and Eve’s story, that forbidden fruit always tempts you. But what happens eventually? You end up eating it and land in trouble. Similar is the case here, labeling certain favorite food items as “not to have” will make you crave more of them. Thus, you are back to square one.

4. No check and balance

If you’ve decided to keep up with your diet routine, it’s mandatory that you hold yourself accountable for how many calories you take, and why those extra ones? If you’ll not keep a check, there is a fair chance that you’ll keep thinking that you are dieting efficiently, but actually you’ll be consuming extra calories.

How to stick to a diet?

All those reasons mentioned above, combined, can make you lose your motivation towards your diet plan. But there are a few simple tips that you can follow to stick to your diet plan, without losing interest.

  • Listen and respect your body needs
  • Learn the right diet for you- take professional help
  • Eat healthily and know your plate
  • Keep moderating your diet plan
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Monitor your progress
  • Do not label your favorite foods “Forbidden”- Just have them every now and then
  • Do not follow, all or nothing approach
  • Add regular physical activity to your regime
  • Do not push yourself too hard


If you feel like you can’t stick to a diet, there is a good chance that diet is not for you. So, listen to your body, make a plan that suits you, and let your body have what it wants in a healthy potion. Add variety to your regime and let it do the magic. You’ll never regret doing so and it won’t disturb your healthy diet as well.


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