What Is Lunk Alarm At Planet Fitness

What is Lunk Alarm at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is famous for its ideology of the “No judgment zone” which lets people trust their services and workout environment. But to keep up with this ideology, they have to make sure that everyone who joins their gym irrespective of their age, gender, race, and religion feels safe there. So, how do they manage to provide everyone with a safe workout environment? Is it their infamous lunk alarm that keeps people on their best behavior? And if so, then what exactly is lunk alarm and what purpose does it serve at Planet Fitness? Let’s take a good look at this lunk alarm.

What is a Lunk Alarm?

A lunk alarm is a device that sounds like a siren. The word “lunk” refers to someone causing noise while working out to draw the attention of other people whether intentionally or unintentionally. This definition of lunk is provided by Planet Fitness and they have made sure that everyone knows who lunk is by pasting posters of it on their walls. They want everyone to remember that such behavior will not be tolerated. So, as soon as someone tries to step out of their boundaries and cause discomfort to other people in the gym, the lunk alarm starts making a noise which informs the authorities and stops the workout in the gym.

Planet Fitness ensures that everyone gathers around and tries to shame that person so they never do it again. Though it seems like a far-fetched thing, it really helps in keeping up a good workout environment. As it let everyone know that everyone is equal in their gym and no one needs to tolerate any sort of unethical behavior.

What Purpose Does it Serve at Planet Fitness?

A lunk alarm has been used by Planet Fitness to alarm the gym’s staff and everyone working out in the gym about the presence of any lunk person, disturbing the workout environment, or causing inconvenience to other members. The lunk alarm instills a careful attitude in everyone that they need to work out in a collaborative environment, where they need to be careful about other people’s boundaries and their mental peace. In short, the lunk alarm is meant to keep Planet Fitness a judgment-free zone by pointing out chaotic people.

Does it Really Work?

Why don’t you go and try dropping your weights, or make some noise in the gym and see for yourself if it really works or not? Not up for it? Well, it really does work. As soon as there will be something happening in the gym that does not go with the gym’s rules and principles, the lunk alarm will be all set to go off.

Are other Gyms following this Trend?

According to reports, many other gyms have been trying to implement a similar strategy at their fitness clubs. They claim that lunk alarms help them maintain a peaceful workout environment for their members. However, some gyms find it disturbing and claim that a lunk alarm isn’t an ethical way to shame the culprit in front of everyone. Rather, they can watch any wrongdoings on installed cameras and can take further action on them.


The lunk alarm came out to be a quite good initiative for Planet Fitness to maintain a safe and peaceful workout environment for its members. It’s like a hidden watchdog that will make noise as soon as it will catch you doing something that makes others uncomfortable. However, many members found it discriminatory and do not like the idea of it in the gym. Whatever the case is, lunk alarm has surely made sure to keep people within their limits while working out in Planet Fitness.


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